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1988 Technical Reports

  1. S. S. Gupta, T. C. Liang. Selecting the Best Binomial Population: Parametric Empirical Bayes Approach. Read Full Report (PDF)

  2. J. Shao. Asymptotic Theory in Heteroscedastic Nonlinear Models. Read Full Report (PDF)

  3. S. Lalley. Brownian Motion and the Distribution of Orbits of Polynomial Mappings of the Complex Plane. Read Full Report (PDF)

  4. J. Shao. Half-Sample Estimation of Coverage Probability. Read Full Report (PDF)

  5. J. O. Berger, J. M. Bernardo, M. Mendoza. On Priors that Maximize Expected Information. Read Full Report (PDF)

  6. L. J. Gleser. T. W. Anderson's Contributions to the Study of Linear Statistical Relationship Models. Read Full Report (PDF)

  7. G. Casella, C. Robert. Refining Poisson Confidence Intervals. Read Full Report (PDF)

  8. M. L. Samuels, T.-F. C. Lu. Sample Size Requirements for the Back-of-the Envelope Approximation of Binomial Confidence Interval. Published in the American Statistician, Vol. 46, pp. 228-231, 1992.

  9. G. Casella, C. Robert. Nonoptimality of Randomized Confidence Sets. Read Full Report (PDF)

  10. J. Shao. Asymptotic Distribution of the Weighted Least Squares Estimator. Read Full Report (PDF)

  11. J. Shao. A Large Sample Theory in Generalized Linear Models with Nuisance Scale Parameters. Read Full Report (PDF)

  12. S. S. Gupta. Commentary on Harold Hotelling's Articles on the Teaching of Statistics. Read Full Report (PDF)

  13. C. Ji. Estimating Potential Functions of One-Dimensional Gibbs States under Constraints. Read Full Report (PDF)

  14. A. DasGupta, W. J. Studden. Robust Bayesian Analysis and Optimal Experimental Designs in Normal Linear Models With Many Parameter s - I. Read Full Report (PDF)

  15. T. C. Liang. On The Convergence Rates of A Monotone Empirical Bayes Test For Uniform Distributions. Read Full Report (PDF)

  16. C: S. S. Gupta, T. C. Liang. On Empirical Bayes Selection Rules for Negative Binomial Populations. Read Full Report (PDF)

  17. F. T. Bruss, S. M. Samuels. Conditions for Quasi-Stationarity of the Bayes Rule in Selection Problems with an Unknown Number of Rankable Options. Published in the Annals of Probability, Vol. 18, pp. 877-886, 1990.

  18. G. Casella. Empirical Bayes Methods - A Tutorial. Read Full Report (PDF)

  19. L. Gleser. The Importance of Assessing Measurement Reliability in Multivariate Regression. Read Full Report (PDF)

  20. C: T. C. Liang. On a Sequential Subset Selection Procedure for Exponential Family Distributions. Read Full Report (PDF)

  21. C: J. J. Deely, S. S. Gupta. Hierarchical Bayesian Selection Procedures for the Best Binomial Population. Read Full Report (PDF)

  22. B. Davis. Reinforced Random Walk. Read Full Report (PDF)

  23. S. S. Gupta, T. C. Liang. On a Sequential Subset Selection Procedure. Read Full Report (PDF)

  24. C: J. O. Berger, C. Robert. Subjective Hierarchical Bayes Estimation of a Multivariate Normal Mean: On the Frequentist Interface. Read Full Report (PDF)

  25. C: G. L. Yang. A Renewal Look of Switching Rules in MIL-STD-105D. Read Full Report (PDF)

  26. M. Samuels, G. Casella, G. McCabe. Are Blocks Different from Random Factors? Read Full Report (PDF)

  27. Published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 86, pp. 798-808, 1991.

  28. S. P. Lalley. Closed Geodesics in Homology Classes on Surfaces of Variable Negative Curvature. Read Full Report (PDF)

  29. S. K. Bhandari, A. Bose. Existence of Unbiased Estimates in Sequential Binomial Experiments. Read Full Report (PDF)

  30. J. Shao. A Note on Bootstrap Variance Estimation. Read Full Report (PDF)

  31. J. Shao. A Comparison of the Asymptotic Efficiency of Ordinary and Weighted Least Squares Estimators. Read Full Report (PDF)

  32. D. C. Coster. Trend-Free Run Orders of Mixed-Level Fractional Factorial Designs. Read Full Report (PDF)

  33. C: S. Gupta, S. Panchapakesan. On Sequential Ranking and Selection Procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  34. C: J. Berger, J. F. Angers. Robust Hierarchical Bayes Estimation of Exchangeable Means. Read Full Report (PDF)

  35. C: W. J. Studden, A. DasGupta. Robust Bayesian Analysis and Optimal Experimental Designs in Normal Linear Models with Many Parameters-II. Read Full Report (PDF)

  36. S. Lalley, T. Sellke. Limit Theorems for the Frontier of a One-Dimensional Branching Diffusion. Read Full Report (PDF)

  37. C: A. DasGupta, W. J. Studden. Frequentist Behavior of Robust Bayes Estimates of Normal Means. Read Full Report (PDF)

  38. W.-L. Loh. Estimating Covariance Matrices I. Read Full Report (PDF)

  39. K. S. Mak. Adaptive Tests. Read Full Report (PDF)

  40. J. Shao. Monte Carlo Approximations in Bayesian Decision Theory. Read Full Report (PDF)

  41. B. Boukai. An Explicit Expression for the Distribution of the Supremum of Brownian Motion with a Change-Point. Read Full Report (PDF)

  42. D. Coster. Summary: Tables of Minimum Cost, Linear Trend-Free Run Sequences of Two- and Three-Level Fractional Factorial Designs. Read Full Report (PDF)

  43. P. Protter. A Book Review of: The Malliavin Calculus. Read Full Report (PDF)

  44. W. L. Loh. Estimating Covariance Matrices II. Read Full Report (PDF)

  45. M.-N. Huang. Optimal Designs for Parallel Line Assay. Read Full Report (PDF)

  46. B. Davis. Loss of Recurrence in Reinforced Random Walk. Read Full Report (PDF)

  47. D. E. Axelrod, T. Kuczek. Clonal Heterogeneity in Populations of Normal Cells and Tumor Cells. Read Full Report (PDF)

  48. P. S. Puri, J. B. Robertson, K. B. Sinha. A Matrix Limit Theorem with Applications to Probability Theory. Read Full Report (PDF)

  49. W. L. Loh. Estimating the Common Mean of Two Multivariate Normal Distributions. Read Full Report (PDF)

  50. A. Bose. Asymptotic Estimation in Non-Linear Autoregressive Time Series Models. Read Full Report (PDF)

  51. E. Paradoux, P. Protter. Stochastic Volterra Equations with Anticipating Coefficients. Read Full Report (PDF)

  52. P. Puri, H. Singh. On Recursive Formulas for Isotonic Regression Useful for Statistical Inference Under Order Restrictions. Read Full Report (PDF)

  53. D. Coster. Factorial Run Orders by the Simulated Annealing Algorithm. Read Full Report (PDF)

  54. S. He, J. Wang. On The Optimal Parking Problem. Read Full Report (PDF)

  55. S. He, J. Wang. Thinning of Point Processes - Martingale Method. Read Full Report (PDF)

  56. T. Kuczek. The Self-Avoiding Branching Random Walk. Read Full Report (PDF)

  57. J. Shao. Statistical Functional, Differentiability and Jackknife. Read Full Report (PDF)

  58. J. Shao. Functional Calculus and Asymptotic Theory for Statistical Analysis. Read Full Report (PDF)

  59. J. Shao. Consistency of Jackknife Variance Estimators. Read Full Report (PDF)

  60. J. Shao. Resampling Estimators for Generalized L-Statistics. Read Full Report (PDF)

  61. C: K. S. Lee. A Robust Subset Selection Procedure for Location Parameter Case Based on Hodges-Lehmann Estimators. Read Full Report (PDF)

  62. J. Shao. Jackknife Variance Estimator for Two Sample Linear Rank Statistics. Read Full Report (PDF)

  63. W.-L. Loh. On the Coverage Probability of Some Confidence Sets for a Multivariate Normal Mean. Read Full Report (PDF)

  64. C: A. DasGupta. Diameter and Volume Minimizing Confidence Sets in Bayes and Classical Problems. Read Full Report (PDF)

  65. C: J. Shao and S.-C. Chow. Monte Carlo Approximations in Bayesian Decision Theory Part II: Constructing Release Targets for Drug Products. Read Full Report (PDF)

  66. C: J. Shao. Monte Carlo Approximations in Bayesian Decision Theory Part III: Limiting Behavior of Monte Carlo Approximations. Read Full Report (PDF)

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