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1983 Technical Reports

  1. K.-C. Li. Consistent, Asymptotically Efficient Strategies. Read Full Report (PDF)

  2. Y. Chen. Improving upon some standard estimators in continuous exponential families under arbitrary quadratic loss. Read Full Report (PDF)

  3. A. Rukhin. A Class of Minimax Estimators of a Normal Quantile. Read Full Report (PDF)

  4. E. Csaki, A. Földes. On the Narrowest Tube of a Simple Symmetric Random Walk. Read Full Report (PDF)

  5. M. E. Bock, G. Judge, T. Yancey. A Simple Form for Inverse Moments of Non-Central Chi-Square Random Variables and the Risk of James-Stein Estimators. Read Full Report (PDF)

  6. S. S. Gupta, A. K. Singh. On subset selection procedures for the largest mean from normal populations having a common known coefficient of variation. Read Full Report (PDF)

  7. P. S. Puri. On an Optimal C(α)-Test of Poisson Hypothesis against Compound Poisson Alternatives. Read Full Report (PDF)

  8. T. C. Kao, G. P. McCabe. Asymptotic properties of M-estimators with applications in Discriminant Analysis. Read Full Report (PDF)

  9. B. Flury. Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Some Patterned 2x2 Covariance Matrices. Read Full Report (PDF)

  10. A. L. Rukhin, J. V. Zidek. Estimation of Linear Parametric Functions for Several Exponential Samples. Read Full Report (PDF)

  11. J. O. Berger, D. K. Dey. Truncation of Shrinkage Estimators of Normal Means in the Nonsymmetric Case. Read Full Report (PDF)

  12. D. S. Moore. Measures of Lack of Fit From Tests of Chi-Squared Type. Read Full Report (PDF)

    Published in Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol. 8, pp. 151-166, 1984.

  13. B. Davis, I. Monroe. Randomly Started Signals with White Noise. Read Full Report (PDF)

  14. B. Flury. A Generalization of Principal Component Analysis to K Groups. Read Full Report (PDF)

  15. J. Chen, H. Rubin. Drawing a Sample from Density Selected at Random. Read Full Report (PDF)

  16. L. J. Gleser. Functional, Structural and Ultrastructural Errors-in-Variables Models. (Preliminary Draft). Read Full Report (PDF)

  17. S. S. Gupta, J. K. Sohn. On a Bayesian Approach to Selecting the Best among Good Populations. Read Full Report (PDF)

  18. J. O. Berger. In Defense of the Likelihood Principle: Axiomatics and Coherency. Read Full Report (PDF)

  19. L. J. Gleser. Improving Inadmissible Estimators under Quadratic Loss. Read Full Report (PDF)

  20. P. Protter. Approximations of Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Semimartingales. Read Full Report (PDF)

  21. S. S. Gupta. Optimal Sampling in Selection Problems. Read Full Report (PDF)

  22. S. S. Gupta, K. J. Miescke. On Two-Stage Bayes Selection Procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  23. T. S. Lau. Theory of Canonical Moments and Its Applications in Polynomial Regression - Part I. Read Full Report (PDF)

  24. T. S. Lau. Theory of Canonical Moments and Its Applications in Polynomial Regression - Part II. Read Full Report (PDF)

  25. P. S. Puri, J. W. Yackel. On a Problem of Non-Identifiability Arising in Simple Stochastic Models for Stereological Counts. Read Full Report (PDF)

  26. T.-S. Lau, W. J. Studden. Optimal Designs for Trigonometric and Polynomial Regression Using Canonical Moments. Read Full Report (PDF)

  27. H. Rubin. A Weak System of Axioms for "Rational" Behavior and the Non-Separability of Utility From Prior. Read Full Report (PDF)

  28. W.-J. Huang, P. S. Puri, H. Rubin. Another Look at Poisson Processes. Read Full Report (PDF)

  29. S. S. Gupta, D. Y. Huang, C. L. Chang. Selection Procedures for Optimal Subset of Regression Variables. (Same as 82-2.) Read Full Report (PDF)

  30. L. J. Gleser. A Note on Dolby's Ultrastructural Model. Read Full Report (PDF)

  31. S. S. Gupta, S. Panchapakesan, J. K. Sohn. On the Distribution of the Studentized Maximum of Equally Correlated Normal Random Variables. Read Full Report (PDF)

  32. M.-N. L. Huang. Design Problems in Model Robust Regression and Exact D-Optimality. Read Full Report (PDF)

  33. S. Y. Chen. Restricted Risk Bayes Estimation for the Mean of the Multivariate Normal Distribution. Read Full Report (PDF)

  34. K. C. Li. From Stein's Unbiased Risk Estimates to the Method of Generalized Cross-Validation. Read Full Report (PDF)

  35. J. O. Berger, L. M. Berliner. Robust Bayes and Empirical Bayes Analysis with ε-Contaminated Priors. Read Full Report (PDF)

  36. J. O. Berger, L. M. Berliner. Bayesian Input in Stein Estimation and a New Minimax Empirical Bayes Estimator. Read Full Report (PDF)

  37. S. S. Gupta, L. Y. Leu. On Bayes and Empirical Bayes Rules for Selecting Good Populations. Read Full Report (PDF)

  38. S. Jeyaratnam, S. Panchapakesan. An Estimation Problem Relating to Subset Selection for Normal Populations. Read Full Report (PDF)

  39. K. J. Miescke. Two-Stage Selection Procedures Based on Tests. Read Full Report (PDF)

  40. C.-S. Cheng, K.-C. Li. Optimality Criteria in Survey Sampling. Read Full Report (PDF)

  41. S. S. Gupta, L. Y. Leu. An Asymptotic Distribution-Free Selection Procedure for a Two-Way Layout Problem. Read Full Report (PDF)

  42. B. N. Flury. A Note on Multivariate Parallel Regression. Read Full Report (PDF)

  43. T. S. Lau, W. J. Studden. On an Extremal Problem. This Technical Report is no longer available. See #84-43.

  44. S. S. Gupta, G. C. McDonald. A Statistical Selection Approach to Binomial Models. Read Full Report (PDF)

  45. S. M. Samuels. A Best Choice Problem with Linear Travel Cost. Published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 80, pp. 461-464, 1985.

  46. S. S. Gupta, L.-Y. Leu. Isotonic Procedures for Selecting Populations Better than a Standard: For Two-Parameter Exponential Distributions. Read Full Report (PDF)

  47. T. Sellke. On the Distribution of Sums of Symmetric Random Variables and Vectors. Read Full Report (PDF)

  48. J. O. Berger. The Frequentist Viewpoint and Conditioning. Read Full Report (PDF)

  49. A. Takemura. On the Equivalence of Proportional Cell Frequencies and Orthogonality of Interaction Spaces in n-way ANOVA. Read Full Report (PDF)

  50. P. Protter. Volterra Equations Driven by Semimartingales. Read Full Report (PDF)

  51. T. F. Lin. On the Stochastic Integrals of Gaussian Processes and Local Times. Read Full Report (PDF)

  52. B. Davis, E. Perkins. Brownian slow points: The critical case. Read Full Report (PDF)

  53. D. S. Moore. Chi-Squared Tests of Fit - A Survey for Users. Read Full Report (PDF)

    Published in Goodness of Fit Techniques, Editors R. D'Agostini and M. A. Stephens, pp. 63--95, 1986.

  54. A. L. Rukhin. Admissibility and Minimaxity Results in the Estimation Problem of Exponential Quantiles. Read Full Report (PDF)

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