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1982 Technical Reports

  1. B. Davis. On Brownian slow points. Read Full Report (PDF)

  2. S. S. Gupta, D. Y. Huang, C. L. Chang. Selection procedures for optimal subsets of regression variables. This technical report is no longer available. Please see 83-29.

  3. G. P. McCabe. Principal variables. Read Full Report (PDF)

    Published in Technometrics, Vol. 26, pp. 137-144, 1984.

  4. A. Zaman. Urn models for Markov exchangeability. Read Full Report (PDF)

  5. A. Zaman. A non-clustering property of stationary sequences. Read Full Report (PDF)

  6. S. S. Gupta, K. J. Miescke. Sequential selection procedures - a decision theoretic approach. Read Full Report (PDF)

  7. S. S. Gupta, H.-M. Yang. On subset selection procedures for inverse Gaussian populations. Read Full Report (PDF)

  8. M. C. Spruill. A method for the determination of optimal model robust designs in the estimation of a linear functional. Read Full Report (PDF)

  9. J. O. Berger. The robust Bayesian viewpoint. Read Full Report (PDF)

  10. K.-C. Li. Regression Models with Infinitely Many Parameters: Consistency of Bounded Linear Functionals. Read Full Report (PDF)

  11. P. K. Goel, A. G. Rocco. ARIMA modeling and forecasting: An interactive program based on IMSL subroutine package-I. Read Full Report (PDF)

  12. P. K. Goel, A. G. Rocco. ARIMA modeling and forecasting: An interactive program based on IMSL subroutine package-II. Read Full Report (PDF)

  13. V. L. Anderson, R. A. McLean. Design of experiments and statistical analysis of biological studies. Read Full Report (PDF)

  14. V. L. Anderson, R. A. McLean.Design of experiments for industrial engineers. Read Full Report (PDF)

  15. P. F. Campbell, G. P. McCabe. Factors relating to persistence in a computer science major. Read Full Report (PDF)

    Published in Communications of the ACM, Vol. 27, pp. 1108-1113, 1984.

  16. W. Y. Wong. On the property of dullness of Pareto distribution. Read Full Report (PDF)

  17. S. M. Samuels. Exact solutions for the full information best choice problem. Read Full Report (PDF)

  18. S. S. Gupta, S. Panchapakesan. Edgeworth expansions in Statistics: Some Recent Developments. Read Full Report (PDF)

  19. C. Spruill. Bounds on the Performance of Spherically Symmetric Estimators Which Dominate the James-Stein Estimator. Read Full Report (PDF)

  20. A. Mattenklott, K. Miescke, J. Sehr. A stochastic model for paired comparisons of social stimuli. Read Full Report (PDF)

  21. L. J. Gleser, D. S. Moore. The effect of dependence on chi-squared and empiric distribution tests of fit. Read Full Report (PDF)

  22. S. S. Gupta, W. T. Huang. On isotonic selection rules for binomial populations better than a standard. Read Full Report (PDF)

  23. L. J. Gleser. Confidence regions for the slope in a linear errors-in-variables regression model. Read Full Report (PDF)

  24. J. Chen, H. Rubin. A Note on the Behavior of Sample Statistics When the Population Mean is Infinite. Read Full Report (PDF)

  25. K. J. Miescke. Recent results on multi-stage selection procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  26. A. L. Rukhin. Adaptive tests in statistical problems with finite nuisance parameter. Read Full Report (PDF)

  27. S. S. Gupta, W. C. Kim. A two-stage elimination type procedure for selecting the largest of several normal means with a common unknown variance. Read Full Report (PDF)

  28. P. S. Puri, E. S. Tollar. On the limit behavior of certain quantities in a subcritical storage model. Read Full Report (PDF)

  29. M. E. Bock, P. Klembeck. Minimal Estimators Incorporating Vague Prior Knowledge in Spherically Symmetric Location Problems. Read Full Report (PDF)

  30. D. Y. Huang, S. Panchapakesan and S. T. Tseng. Some Locally Optimal Subset Selection Rules for Comparison with a Control. Read Full Report (PDF)

  31. D. Dey, J. Berger. On truncation of shrinkage estimators in simultaneous estimation of normal means. Read Full Report (PDF)

  32. S. Hui, J. Berger. Empirical Bayes estimation of rates in longitudinal studies. Read Full Report (PDF)

  33. J. Berger, R. Wolpert. The Likelihood Principle: A Review and Generalizations. (No longer available as a tech report at Purdue. This paper has been published as an IMS Monograph.)

  34. A. L. Rukhin. Adaptive Classification Procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  35. This number was never given out.

  36. D. Y. Huang, S. T. Tseng. Gamma-optimal decision procedures for selecting the best population in randomized complete block design. Read Full Report (PDF)

  37. S. S. Gupta, D. Y. Huang, S. Panchapakesan. On some inequalities and monotonicity properties with special reference to selection and ranking problems. Read Full Report (PDF)

  38. K.-C. Li, J. T. Hwang. The data-smoothing aspect of Stein estimates. Read Full Report (PDF)

  39. J. Berger. Bayesian Salesmanship. Read Full Report (PDF)

  40. B. Davis. On the paths of symmetric stable processes. Read Full Report (PDF)

  41. K.-C. Li. Consistency for Cross-validated Nearest Neighbor Estimates in Nonparametric Regression. Read Full Report (PDF)

  42. B. Flury, H. Riedwyl. T2-test, linear two-group discriminant analysis, and their computation by linear regression Read Full Report (PDF)

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