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1979 Technical Reports

  1. K. J. Miescke. Γ-minimax selection procedures in simultaneous testing problems. Read Full Report (PDF)

  2. W. J. Studden. DS-optimal designs for polynomial regression using continued fractions. Read Full Report (PDF)

  3. J. F. Bjørnstad. Comparisons of three minimax subset selection procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  4. W. J. Studden. On a problem of Chebyshev. Read Full Report (PDF)

  5. P. Protter. An extension of Kazamaki's results on BMO differentials. Read Full Report (PDF)

  6. S. S. Gupta, K. J. Miescke. On the least favorable configurations in certain two-stage selection procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  7. W. C. Kim. On Bayes and gamma-minimax subset selection rules. Read Full Report (PDF)

  8. W. Notz. Minimal point second order designs. Read Full Report (PDF)

  9. J. Albert. Robust Bayes estimation. Read Full Report (PDF)

  10. S. S. Gupta, W. C. Kim. Γ-Minimax and minimax decision rules for comparison of treatments with a control. Read Full Report (PDF)

  11. W. Notz. Robust designs for nearly linear regression. Read Full Report (PDF)

  12. L. J. Gleser. Improved point estimators of the slopes in multivariate linear regression with unknown covariance matrix. (Paper was withdrawn)

  13. B. L. S. P. Rao, H. Rubin. Asymptotic theory for process least squares estimators for diffusion processes. Read Full Report (PDF)

  14. J. T. Hwang. Improving upon inadmissible estimators in discrete exponential families. Read Full Report (PDF)

  15. R. A. Sundheim. Asymptotically optimal multiparameter sequential Bayes regional estimation procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  16. P. Hsiao. Some contributions to gamma-minimax and empirical Bayes selection procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  17. G. G. Agarwal, W. J. Studden. Asymptotic integrated mean square error using least squares and bias minimizing splines. Read Full Report (PDF)

  18. B. L. S. P. Rao. Asymptotic behavior of M-estimators for the linear model with dependent errors. Read Full Report (PDF)

  19. W. Notz. Saturated designs for multivariate cubic regression. Read Full Report (PDF)

  20. S. M. Samuels, J. M. Steele. Optimal sequential selection of a monotone sequence from a random sample. Published in the Annals of Probability, Vol. 9, pp. 937-947, 1981.
  21. S. M. Samuels. Minimax stopping rules when the underlying distribution is uniform. Published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 76, pp. 188-197, 1981.

  22. S. S. Gupta, W. T. Huang. On mixtures of distributions: A survey and some new results on ranking and selection. Read Full Report (PDF)

  23. A. Rukhin. The solution of functional equation of the D'Alembert's type for commutative groups. Read Full Report (PDF)

  24. M. E. Bock, G. G. Judge. Some non-traditional minimax and sometimes admissible estimators. Read Full Report (PDF)

  25. G. Campbell. Nonparametric bivariate estimation with randomly censored data. Read Full Report (PDF)

  26. S. S. Gupta, D. Y. Huang. Some recent developments in multiple decision theory: A brief overview. Read Full Report (PDF)

  27. P. S. Puri. Point processes with order statistic property, mixtures of Poisson processes and mixtures of linear death processes. Read Full Report (PDF)

  28. J. F. Bjørnstad. A decision-theoretic approach to subset selection. Read Full Report (PDF)

  29. K. J. Miescke, J. Sehr. On a conjecture concerning least favorable configurations in certain two-stage selection procedures. Read Full Report (PDF)

  30. See #80-15.

  31. C. Spiegelman, W. J. Studden. Design aspects of Scheffe's calibration theory using linear splines. Read Full Report (PDF)

  32. J. F. Bjørnstad. On the probability of correct selection in the subset selection problem. Read Full Report (PDF)

  33. J. O. Berger. A modification of Brown's technique for proving inadmissibility. Read Full Report (PDF)

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