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Congratulations 2014 Spring Award Winners!


The Department of Statistics extends congratulations to the faculty, staff, and student award winners for the 2013-2014 academic year. The awards program was held on Thursday, April 17, 2014. College of Science Dean Jeffrey Roberts presented the awards to the following faculty, staff, and students. 

Undergraduate Student Awards

 V.L. Anderson Scholarship Award

Virgil L Anderson

This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student who shows promise of contributing to statistics and its applications. The scholarship is in honor of Dr. Virgil Anderson who retired from the Department of Statistics in December 1986 after nearly 36 years. Professor Anderson was a leader in applied statistics on the Purdue campus and was the Director of the Statistics Laboratory, which was the forerunner of the Statistical Consulting Service. In great demand as a statistical consultant in industry, he authored widely used textbooks in experimental design. Other major themes in Dr. Anderson's work included statistical genetics and research on highways.

Winner: Rustam Orazaliyev

Rustam Orazaliyev - 2014 Anderson Award

Dean Roberts & Rustam Orazaliyev

Baxter Award

The Glen E. Baxter Memorial Fund was established in 1983 by family and friends of Professor Baxter shortly after the premature death of this gifted teacher-scholar. 

Annual proceeds from the fund are used to honor undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence in mathematics. The recipients of the awards are selected by a committee of professors from the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics.

Winner: Robert Hanson

Winner: Michael Yeh

David S. Moore Undergraduate Scholarship Award

David S. Moore

The David S. Moore Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to incoming students planning to major in statistics. Applicants for the scholarship must meet the requirements and complete the general College of Science merit scholarship application. 

The scholarship is named in honor the David S. Moore, Shanti S. Gupta Distinguished Professor Emeritus and internationally recognized figure in statistics education.

Winner: Mayfawny Bergmann

Mayfawny Bergmann - David S. Moore Scholarship 2014

Dean Roberts and Mayfawny Bergmann

College of Science Outstanding Students in Statistics and Actuarial Science

When making the selections for this award, the College of Science considered outstanding academic achievement, a strong academic program, and evidence of co-curricular involvement, such as undergraduate research, community service, and leadership.

Winners (Statistics):
  • Austin Childs, Senior in Statistics
  • Steve Mussmann, Junior in Statistics
  • Rustam Orazaliyev, Sophomore in Statistics
  • Jenna Reno, Freshman in Statistics
Winners (Actuarial Science):
  • Sandy Shyu, Senior in Actuarial Science
  • Li Kang, Junior in Actuarial Science
  • Mayfawny Bergmann, Sophomore in Actuarial Science
  • Kexin Nie, Freshman in Actuarial Science

College of Science Outstanding Statistics Students 2014

Stephen Mussmann, Dean Roberts, Jenna
Reno, and Rustam Orazaliyev

Graduate Student Awards

I.W. Burr Award

Irving W. Burr

The late Irving W. Burr served on the Purdue faculty from 1941 until his retirement in 1974. He was a leading expert in quality control and industrial statistics. He was well-known for his text "Engineering Statistics and Quality Control" (McGraw-Hill, 1953) and he was active as a consultant to business and industry. Professor Burr's scholarly work centered on statistical process control and distribution theory. The Burr distributions are named for him. He was elected a fellow of both the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Professor Burr was one of the faculty whose work and reputation helped transform Purdue from a regional college to a national research university. 

This award was established in 1974 upon the retirement of Professor Burr, an eminent statistician who taught at Purdue for nearly 35 years. The criteria for this award are: (a) promise of contribution to the profession as evidenced by academic excellence in courses and exams, and by the quality of the thesis research, (b) and excellence in teaching or consulting as a graduate student at Purdue.

Winner: Danni Yu

Danni Yu - Burr Award 2014

Dean Roberts & Danni Yu

L.J. Cote M.S. Excellence in Statistics Award

Louis J Cote

The recipient of the L.J. Cote M.S. Excellence in Statistics Award will be completing an M.S. in Applied Statistics and possesses the following skills that are required of an applied statistician.

  1. Technical skill, as evidenced by course performance, faculty evaluation, and performance on the final M.S. examination.
  1. Skill in consulting and communication, as evidenced by excellence in supervised consulting or secondarily in teaching.

The award is in honor of Professor Louis J. Cote who retired from the Department of Statistics in June of 1991. He was an outstanding compassionate mentor to generations of graduate students.

Winner: Jeffrey Ting

Jeffrey Ting - 2014 Cote Award 

Dean Roberts and Jeffrey Ting

Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Statistics Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants contribute substantially to the teaching mission of the Department of Statistics. Their classroom performance is important to the quality of service to students. Therefore, the Department of Statistics faculty annually recognizes a Statistics Teaching Assistant for teaching excellence in the classroom.

Winner: Molly Amstutz

Molly Amstutz

Dean Roberts and Molly Amstutz

STATCOM Community Service Award

Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) at Purdue University is a community outreach program provided to the greater Lafayette area by graduate students in Purdue's Department of Statistics. The program offers the expertise of statistics graduate students in the areas of data collection, organization, and interpretation, free of charge to local governmental and non-profit community organizations. STATCOM was born out of a desire to enhance the existing partnership between Purdue University and the community at large, thereby impacting the quality of life in the area in a positive way. 

Potential clients include organizations such as:

  • Schools
  • Local government agencies
  • Libraries
  • Arts groups

The group was founded in 2001 by graduate student, Nels Grevstad. STATCOM has received four grants from the Student Grant Program for Community Service, administered through Purdue's Office of Engagement. Most recently, STATCOM received a Strategic Initiatives Grant from the American Statistical Association to promote the development of student-led pro bono statistical consulting programs at other institutions. Currently there are over 50 graduate student members involved in the program at Purdue. Seven other universities (Cornell University, University of Washington, University of Michigan, Iowa State University, The Ohio State University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Hasselt -- Campus Diepenbeek) have also started STATCOM programs, and several more programs are currently in development across the country. 

This award is given to directors of STATCOM during the past year. 

Winner: Jeremy Troisi

Jeremy Troisi

Jeremy Troisi

Department of Statistics Honoree at the Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching

The Purdue University Committee on the Education of Teaching Assistants (CETA), the Purdue Graduate School, and the Purdue Office of the Provost honor outstanding graduate teaching assistants at the annual Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching banquet. 

Honoree: Kelly-Ann Dixon Hamil

William J. Studden Publication Award

The Dr. William J. Studden Publication Award recognizes work done by a current Purdue Statistics Ph.D. candidate on an outstanding mathematical statistics paper accepted for publication.  The award honors the late Dr. William J. Studden who retired from Purdue University's Department of Statistics in 2005 after 41 years with the department.

Winner: Zhuqing Yu

Zhuqing Yu - Studden Publication Award 2014

Dean Roberts and Zhuqing Yu

Faculty Awards

Department of Statistics Outstanding Assistant Professor Undergraduate Teaching Award

The Department of Statistics presents this award each year to a tenure-track assistant professor in honor of teaching accomplishments, including significant contributions to undergraduate education. 

Winner: Hyonho Chun

Hyonho Chun - Outstanding Assistant Professor Undergrad Teaching Award 2014

Dean Roberts and Hyonho Chun

Norma Lucas Administrative Professional Excellence Award

This award is given to staff members in the Department of Statistics to recognize exceptional service, dedication, and/or loyalty to the Department.  It was established in 2009 upon the retirement of Norma Lucas to honor her high level of service to the department for 39 years.

Winner: Diane Martin

Diane Martin - Norma Lucas Excellence Award 2014

Diane Martin and Norma Lucas

CNA Exam Award

The CNA Exam Award is given to undergraduate students who passed one or more Society of Actuaries exams in May 2009 and November 2009.


  • Makhambet Aitkali
  • Jana Amstutz
  • Nathan Barrett
  • Mayfawny Bergmann
  • Alicia Buness
  • Ang Cao
  • Amberlee Carl
  • Haolin Chen
  • Lingxiao Chen
  • Sung Rai Cho
  • Michael Corcoran
  • Shuaijia Dai
  • Katherine Dennis
  • Wanxue Dong
  • Shuai Fang
  • Xihao Feng
  • Kristen Flens
  • Lindsay Fox
  • Tong Gao
  • Yong sen Goh
  • Yishen Guo
  • Bradley Hager
  • Matthew Hillman
  • Liren Jiang
  • Wan Jiang
  • Zhouyilan Jiang
  • Li Kang
  • Jong hwan Kim
  • Darmen Koishybayev
  • Weibo Lan
  • Jialiang Le
  • Joseph Leaf
  • Kyle Leavitt
  • Anji Li
  • Antong Li
  • Yunrui Li
  • Siyuan Liang
  • Siyu Lin
  • Alexander Marunycz
  • Conner Merritt
  • Bryce Morgan
  • Kevin Nie
  • John Norman
  • Surin Patel
  • Minjie Qian
  • Riley Peterson
  • Hayden St. John
  • Rehan Siddique
  • Dylan Simpson
  • Deepah Singh
  • Zachery Speyer
  • Yao Tang
  • Ayu Tariq
  • Jeffrey Turner
  • Enchong Wang
  • Haodong Wang
  • Jingkai Wang
  • Liangchen Wang
  • Shuda Wang
  • Weilan Wang
  • Wenda Wang
  • Yawei Wang
  • Yue Wang
  • David Wirtner
  • Hao Wu
  • Tianzhao (Jonathan) Wu
  • Hanyi Xu
  • Jinnan Xu
  • Zijie Xu
  • Ningzhu Yang
  • Chuang Yao
  • Zhihan Yin
  • Shaotian Yuan
  • Xiaofei Zhang
  • Xinyuan Zhang
  • Wenchu Zheng

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi


  • Mohneetsingh Ahuja
  • Baron Chi Wai Law
  • Hyoeun Lee
  • Jianfu Li
  • Yixuan Qiu
  • Simeng Qu
  • Jeremiah Rounds
  • Chunyan Sun
  • Zhaonan Sun
  • Hyokun Yun

Mu Sigma Rho National Honor Society

Mu Sigma Rho is the national honor society for statistics. Its purpose is the promotion and encouragement of scholarly activity in statistics, and the recognition of outstanding achievement among the students and instructional staff in eligible academic institutions. 

Mu Sigma Rho involves graduate students at all levels, undergraduates, faculty and professional statisticians. Activities include outreach and service to the profession. 

Graduate Students:

  • Mohneetsingh Ahuja
  • Chen Chen
  • Donglai Chen
  • Ching-Wei Cheng
  • Menna Choi
  • Hyoeun Lee
  • Meimei Liu
  • Yue Liu
  • Min Ren
  • Jeffrey Ting
  • Han Wang
  • Yahui Wang
  • Jiasen Yang
  • Faye Zheng

Undergraduate Students:

  • Rachit Agarwal
  • Benjamin Akey
  • Jana Amstutz
  • Christopher Arvia
  • Nathan Barrett
  • Mayfawny Bergmann
  • Qianqi Cai
  • Robert Carmer
  • Devin Chellberg
  • Crystal Chen
  • Feiyan Chen
  • Junyu Chen
  • Linzi Chen
  • Zesheng Chu
  • Taylor Clary
  • Fangwei Cui
  • Shuaijia Dai
  • Qianyu Deng
  • Katherine Dennis
  • Siqi Dong
  • Xihao Feng
  • Kristen Flens
  • Weichen Gai
  • Haoyu Gao
  • Qihua Gao
  • Yishen Guo
  • Mingxuan Han
  • Liren Jiang
  • Shangying Jiang
  • Li Kang
  • Shahreen Kibriya
  • Jong Hwan Kim
  • Darmen Koishybayev
  • Mark Krutulis
  • Sarah. Kusumastuti
  • Weibo Lan
  • Joseph Leaf
  • Kyle Leavitt
  • Myung Joon Lee
  • Antong Li
  • Xiang Li
  • Yunrui Li
  • Siyuan Liang
  • Yue Liu
  • Zhouyang Lou
  • Qing Lu
  • Youjia Mao
  • John Moore
  • Stephen Mussmann
  • Anavi Nahar
  • Rustam Orazaliyev
  • Xihan Peng
  • Tairan Qiu
  • Yao Qiu
  • Yifei Ren
  • Wenting Shi
  • Rehan Siddique
  • Dylan Simpson
  • Jacquelyn Spears
  • Xinyu Sui
  • Xinyao Sun
  • Ayu Tariq
  • Bektur Uakbayev
  • Bianca Voon
  • Jingkai Wang
  • Liangchen Wang
  • Shiyu Wang
  • Sihui Wang
  • Wenda Wang
  • Xiang Wang
  • Xiaolei Wang
  • Yiting Wang
  • Yue Wang
  • Kaiyan Wei
  • Brooke Wilke
  • Tianzhao Wu
  • Jinnan Xu
  • Qing Xu
  • Yifei Xu
  • Zijie Xu
  • Hao Tian Yuan
  • Shigu Yuan
  • Bolun Zhang
  • Jun Zhang
  • Shaotian Zhang
  • Xinyuan Zhang
  • Xiyu Zhang
  • Yan Zhang
  • Chloe Lindsay
  • Mojia Zhao
  • Wenchu Zheng

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