STAT 598 Bioinformatics Seminar

Fall 2016






Aug. 23

Min Zhang

Course Information

Aug. 30

Jianming Yu

Parallel Evolution of Allels, Genes, Chromosomes, and Taxa

Evolutionary Pattern

Chromosome Size

Parallel Domestication

Sep. 6


Sep. 13

Nadia Atallah

NextGen Sequencing: Experimental Planning and Data Analysis [abstract][slides]

Sequencing technologies

Sep. 20

Zhongming Liu

Imaging and decoding human brain activity during dynamic natural vision [abstract]

Neural Encoding and Decoding with Deep Learning for Dynamic Natural Vision

Sep. 27

Daniel Szymanski

A systems level analysis of protein complex composition and dynamics: a proteomic profiling approach [abstract]

A Proteomics Strategy;

Patterning Mechanisms;


Oct. 4

Jun Xie

Advanced clustering analysis of quantitative proteomics to discover protein complexes in plants [abstract]

A Proteomic Strategy for Global Analysis of Plant Protein Complexes


Fall Break, NO seminar

Oct. 18

Won Chul Song

Group feature screening via F-test [abstract]

Sure Independence Screening for Ultrahigh Dimensional Feature Space

Oct. 25

Daisuke Kihara

Predicting Gene Functions: Departing From Single Gene Single Function Paradigm [abstract]

Protein Function Prediction

Genome-Scale Prediction

Nov. 1


Nov. 8

Peristera Paschou

Studying Human Genomic Variation Around the World [abstract]

A European population


Maritime route

PCA for Structure

Nov. 15

Linda Nie

Non-invasive In Vivo Quantification of Metals in Human Tissue [abstract]

NAA system to quantify Mn

XRF_Pb as a biomarker


Wanqing Liu

Putting the Numbers Back into the Biology Systems [abstract]

FADS1 Control Lipid Composition

Nov. 29



Dec. 6