Teaching Profile

Dabao Zhang











Spring 2022

         STAT 514 Design of Experiments (SEC03: MWF 12:30-1:20PM, UNIV 017; SEC01: MWF 1:30-2:20PM, UNIV 017)



         STAT 420 Introduction to Time Series (S2017)

         STAT 512 Applied Regression Analysis

(S2009,S2011,F2013,F2014, F2018)

         STAT 514 Design of Experiments

(S2011,S2013,S2015,S2018,Su2018, F2019, F2020)

         STAT 520 Time Series and Applications (S2016)

         STAT 525 Intermediate Statistical Methodology


         STAT 526 Advanced Statistical Methodology

(F2006,F2007,S2008,F2015,F2016,F2017, S2020)

         STAT 598D Applied Survival Analysis (F2005)

         STAT 690S Statistics General Colloquium (F2006)

         STAT 692 Statistics General Colloquium (S2007)

         STAT695B Dimension Reduction (F2011)

         STAT 695 High Dimensional Data Analysis (F2010, F2015)