Jun Xie
Professor of Statistics
Department of Statistics
Purdue University
250 N. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067

Tel: (765)494-6032
Email: junxie@purdue.edu

Research Areas

My research program focuses on the development of statistical models and methods that are motivated by data analysis challenges from real-world applications such as biomedical research.

Graduate Research Assistant Position

Some Recent Publications

One of our recent work is on large-scale global hypothesis testing. We have developed a Cauchy combination test and other methods that work extremely well for correlated data. Our testing methods aggregate individual effects, work for highly correlated data, and are very fast. We have applied them in whole-genome sequencing data.

  1. Cauchy combination test, published in JASA (Journal of the American Statistical Association)
    A test for weak and sparse alternatives with analytic p-value calculation and under arbitrary dependency structures
  2. Another paper in JASA
    "Accurate and Efficient P-value Calculation via Gaussian Approximation: a Novel Monte-Carlo Method"
  3. In the Annals of Applied Statistics 2018, Vol. 12, No. 1, 567-585.
    "Powerful test based on conditional effects for genome-wide screening"

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Curriculum Vitae


1994: B.S. in Statistics
Department of Probability and Statistics, Peking University

1997: M.S. in Statistics
Department of Probability and Statistics, Peking University

2000: Ph.D. in Statistics
Department of Statistics, University of California at Los Angeles

Research Group

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