My Invited Session at The International Nonparametric Society Symposium, June 24-27, 2022, Cypress:
Speakers: Bhaswar Bhattacharya, Arup Bose, Eugen Pircalabelu, Linda Zhao.

Research Interests
Mathematical statistics (both fixed sample and asymptotic), Applied probability, Analytic number theory, Inequalities, Connecting different branches of mathematics.

Fall 2022 Course: STAT 695, Theory of Multivariate Statistics and Random Matrices
11:30 AM-12:20 PM, MWF, Recitation Building 114
Texts: Random Matrix Theory (Marc Potters), Random Matrices (Terry Tao), Multivariate Theory (Robb Muirhead)

Education, Professional Honors and Societies

PhD, 1984, Indian Statistical Institute
Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Elected 1993
Member, IMS Council, 2014-2016
Member, IMS Council, 2008-09

Teaching Recognitions Elected one of the 10 Best Teachers in the School of Science; 1987-88; 1997-98

Journal Editorships

Associate Editor, Annals of Statistics, 1998 - 2018
Area Editor of Mathematical Statistics, Bernoulli, 2016-2018
Co-Executive Editor, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2012 - 2017
Co-Editor, Springer Series on Selected Works in Probability and Statistics, 2009 - Present
Associate Editor, Statistics Surveys of the IMS and the Bernoulli Society, 2007- Present
Associate Editor, Metrika, 2009- Present
Contributing Editor, IMS Bulletin, 2010-Present
Editor, Springer Series on Selected Works in Probability and Statistics, 2009 - Present
Editor, IMS Bulletin Student Problem Section, 2014-Present
Editor, Lecture Notes and Monograph Series, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2008-2009
Editor, Institute of Mathematical Statistics Collections and Volumes Series, 2008-2009
Associate Editor, Journal of American Statistical Association, 1996- 1999
Associate Editor, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 1996- 2003
Associate Editor, International Statistical Review, 1995-1997
Associate Editor, Sankhya, 1997-2005

Volume Editorships

Editor, Selected Works of D. Basu, Springer
Editor, The Herman Rubin Festschrift, Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Editor, Basu Memorial Issue of Sankhya, Parts I and II

The First 218 Million Twin Primes (The First of the Pair; WARNING; THIS FILE IS 2.8 GIGABYTES; RIGHT CLICK ON LINK TO SAVE and DOWNLOAD)

Anirban DasGupta

Professor of Statistics
150 N. University Street
MATH 528
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2068

Phone: (765) 494-6033
Fax: (765) 494-0558

Some publications

Larry Brown's contributions to parametric inference, decision theory and foundations, a survey, Invited, Statistical Science, 2019, with Jim Berger

Detection and analysis of spikes in a random sequence, Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 2018, with Bo Li

Valid confidence intervals for mean and standard deviation when only one observation is available, in arxiv, with Stephen Portnoy, 2022

Asymptotic risk and Bayes risk of thresholding and superefiicient estimates, regular variation, and optimal thresholding, Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory, 2014, with Iain Johnstone

Sharp fixed n bounds and asymptotic expansions for the mean and the median of a Gaussian sample maximum, and applications to the Donoho-Jin model, Statistical Methodology, 2014, with S.N. Lahiri

The Hamburger moment problem for products and powers of random variables, Journal of Statistical Inference, 2014, with Jordan Stoyanov and G.D. Lin

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A new general method for constructing confidence sets in arbitrary dimensions, Annals of Statistics, 1995, with J.K. Ghosh amd Mei-Mei Zen

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Estimating a binomial parameter: Is robust Bayes real Bayes?, Statistics and Decisions, 1993, with Mei-Mei Zen

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Estimation in the multiparameter exponential family: Admissibility and inadmissibility results, Statistics and Decisions, 1986

On the strong consistency, weak limits and practical performance of ML and Bayes estimates of a symmetric Euclidean domain, Lecture Notes and Monographs, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2004, with Wen-Chi Tsai

Sub and resampling and goodness of fit, Lecture Notes and Monographs, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2004, with Larry Brown, John Marden and Dimitris Politis

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Bayes design for clinical trials, Sankhya Ser A, 1998, with Mei-Mei Zen

Coincidences, Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition, 2004

Books and Lecture Notes

Statistical Theory: A Comprehensive Course, Volume One, In Reviews, Forthcoming
Table of Contents of Probability for Statistics and Machine Learning (Springer; Published May, 2011)
Fundamentals of Probability: A First Course
Asymptotic Theory of Statistics and Probability, Springer Verlag, New York
A Sourcebook on Probability
Lecture Notes on Mathematical Statistics
Lecture Notes on Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes