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The system is originally designed as a supplementary learning tool for student who take Stat 503, Statistical Methods for Biology, and can be applied to general courses on statistical application.

The main purpose of the system is to facilitate students select appropriate statistical methods based on key features of the study: experiment design, variable and research question. The idea is to direct students through a logic selection procedure until they find an appropriate method. They will also be able to conduct the analysis by following examples.

Targeted research questions

As a supplementary tool for the course, the system is specifically designed to investigate the questions on one variable or on impact of one(set of) variables on another variable. Questions that care about other domains have not been covered.


Users of the system is expected to have a working knowledge on how to identify variables from the study, and the variables' type and role. Otherwise, please begin from the prep-lesson on characterizing variables


Select the appropriate method and perform the test.