Jayanta K. Ghosh

Professor of Statistics


150 N. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2068

Office Phone: (765) 494-6041
Fax: (765) 494-0558

Current research interests

Bayesian Analysis, Asymptotics, Reliabilitiy and Survival Analysis, High Dimensional Model Selection and Classification, Bioinformatics

Supervision of Graduate Students

Supervised 25 doctoral students, 7 of them at Purdue. Three graduate students are working with me.

An Overview of Work Done

Much of the following is joint work with several colleagues.
  1. My early work is on invariance, sufficiency and applications to sequential analysis. Even though I stopped working on these topics a long time ago, I have occasionally returned to sufficciency (for sample surveys and other undominated problems) as well as sequential analysis.
  2. My main work after this and till 1982 had been on higher order asymptotics. This has meant proving validity of various Edgeworth and Edgeworth type expansions (e.g. expansions in x2's of log likelihood ratio statistics). This has also meant proving higher order optimality theorems.
  3. I have been interested in reliability at various points of my career and still work occasionally on reliability problems, specially the problem of a change-point in a hazard rate.
  4. Since the mid seventies I have worked with geologists on stochastic modeling of sediment transport using data from river flows as well as experimental data from recirculating flumes. Currently, I am trying to model "bursting of vortices" near the bed by a diffusion with jump boundary condition and its effect in flow velocity and sediment transport.
  5. Since the late eighties I have worked on Bayesian asymptotics. I have worked on four kinds of problems. The first related to theorems like posterior normality, necessary and sufficient conditions for a normalized posterior to converge to a non-degenerate distribution, etc. In the second set of problems I try to derive priors for which posterior probabilities are close to frequentist probabilities in various senses. This is relevant for validating non-informative priors or constructing confidence intervals. In the third set of problems I deal with Bayesian analysis of infinite dimensional problems like Bayesian survival analysis, Bayesian density estimation, Bayesian semiparametrics, etc. A major concern here is the consistency of posterior and rate of convergence. In recent years I have made major progress in understanding Bayesian and Empirical Bayes model selection rules in high dimensional problems. I have also been working on Bayes Testing, Model Selection in low dimensional problems and have thrown light on some recent as well as long standing asymptotic problems.
  6. Two of my current interests in applications involve public health problems and environmental or ecological statistics. I have also begun new work on ecological data on Western Ghats in India, which is one of the world's leading hot spots for biodiversity. A new project concerns the indigenous knowledge base of Santals, a tribal community in India.
  7. In addition to the above major areas, I have worked on many other problems. Some of these are briefly listed: characterization, multiple decision theory, survey sampling, model selection, mixtures, Neyman-Scott problems, U-statistics, Bahadur representation of quantiles. Many of the papers in the above areas solve long standing open problems or pioneer new areas, and have been cited often.


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Monograph Book

1. Invariance in Testing and Estimation (Lecture Notes), 1967, published by Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.
2. Higher Order Asymptotics (based on CBMS-NSF lecture), published jointly by Institute of Mathematical Statistics and American Statistical Association, 1994.
3. (with R.V. Ramamoorthi) Bayesian Nonparametrics (Springer 2003).
4. (with Mohan Delampady and Tapas Samanta) An Introduction to Bayesian Analysis - Theory and Methods, Springer 2006.

Books Edited

1. Selected Papers of D. Basu (Springer, 1988)
Reviews of Bayesian Nonparametrics are available here.
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