Title: "The genomics of vitamin D-mediated prostate cancer prevention"
Speaker: James C. Fleet and Min Cui, Department of Foods and Nutrition, Purdue University
Place: Physics (PHYS) 112; February 9, 2010, Tuesday, 4:30pm


In this talk we will briefly review the evidence that high vitamin D status is protective against prostate cancer. We will then explain how we have used transcriptomics and ChIP-sequencing to identify molecular pathways regulated by vitamin D which may mediate the protection from prostate cancer. We will focus on the use of tools for transcriptomics and ChIP-sequencing from the perspective of the end-user.

Associated Reading:

Kovalenko, PL et al., (2010) 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D-mediated orchestration of anticancer, transcript-level effects in the immortalized, non-transformed prostate epithelial cell line, RWPE1. BMC Genomics 11:26 (Available on-line)

Ji, H. et al., (2008) An integrated software system for analyzing ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq data. Nature Biotechnology 26:1293 (attached)

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