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Dennis K.J. Lin

Dennis Lin

Department of Statistics
Purdue University
250 N. University St, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Phone: (814) 865-0377
Fax: (814) 863-7114

Brief Biography

Dr. Dennis K. J. Lin is a University Distinguished Professor and Head of the Statistics Department at Purdue University. His research interests are quality assurance, industrial statistics, data mining, and data science. He has published near 250 SCI/SSCI papers in a wide variety of journals. He currently serves or has served as associate editor for more than 10 professional journals and was co-editor for Applied Stochastic Models for Business and Industry. Dr. Lin is an elected fellow of ASA, IMS, RSS and ASQ, an elected member of ISI, and a lifetime member of ICSA. He is an honorary chair professor for various universities, including Renmin University of China (as a Chang-Jiang Scholar), Fudan University, and National Chengchi University (Taiwan). His recent awards include the 2004 Faculty Scholar Medal Award (Penn State), the Youden Address (ASQ, 2010), the Shewell Award (ASQ, 2010), the Don Owen Award (ASA, 2011), the Loutit Address (SSC, 2011), the Hunter Award (ASQ, 2014), the Shewhart Medal (2015), and the SPES Award at the Joint Statistical Meeting (2018).  He will be the 2020 Deming Lecturer at JSM at Philidelphia.

Caption: Meifen (Wife), Amy (Daughter), Me, Janice (Daughter), Vincent (Son)
Caption: Meifen (Wife), Amy (Daughter), Me, Janice (Daughter), Vincent (Son)