STAT 514   Term Project

This project will allow you to use what you learned in this course to design an experiment and analyze the data. You may design a new experiment or use an experiment that you participated in the design and collection of data. You cannot use any experimental data for which you did not participate in the design and collection of data.

Your report on the project should include:

  1. Objectives of the experiment.
  2. The design of the experiment which should include the treatment factors and their levels, blocking factors (if any), experimental units, and assignments of experimental units to the treatments.
  3. Specifying the measurements to be made, the experimental procedure.
  4. The statistical model and analyses appropriate for your objectives in 1.
  5. Discussion on whether model assumptions are valid, and whether transformation on data is necessary.
  6. Discussion on the number of observations that need to be taken.
  7. Conclusions.
  8. Appendices of experimental data and computer programs, or other supporting materials.

Please note the following:

  1. Your report should be due by 5pm on Tuesday, December 8.
  2. Your report should be type written or printed and contain no more than 4 pages not including the appendices. There is no limit on appendices. Please make proper reference to the appendices.
  3. You are encouraged to work as a group of two or three and turn in one copy of report.
  4. Projects are graded based on novelty, appropriateness of design, appropriateness and completeness of analysis and writing quality.