A Survey of Statistical Network Models

By A.Goldenberg, A.X.Zheng, S.E.Fienberg and E.M.Airoldi

Presented by Wutao Wei

Dynamic Network Models

ERGM dynamic version

Preferential Attachment Model

Degree Distribution

Power Law Distribution

Wikipedia Degree Distribution

Small-World Models

Kleinberg Model

Sandberg and Clark Model

Remark of 3.7 Fix Degree Random Graph Models

Duplication-Attachment Models

Continuous Time Markov Chain Models

Independent Arc, Reciprocity, and Popularity Models

Edge-Oriented Dynamics

Edge-Oriented Dynamics (Continued)

Node-Oriented Dynamics

Discrete Time Markov Models

Discrete Markov ERGM Model

Remark 3.6 Inference of Parameters

Dynamic Latent Space Model

Remark 3.8 Latent Space Model

Applications of DLSM

Dynamic Contextual Friendship Model(DCFM)

Simulated Results

Simulated Results(Continued)

Issues in Network Modeling

Issues in Network Modeling(Continued)