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Selected Publications

  • Shu, H.,Wang, X., and Zhu, H. (2019). D-CCA: A Decomposition-based Canonical Correlation Analysis for High-Dimensional Datasets. Journal of the American Statistical Association. In press.
  • Xu, Y. and Wang, X. (2018). Understanding Weight Normalized Deep Neural Networks with Rectied Linear Units. NeurIPS, 130-139.
  • Sun, X., Pang, D., Wang, X., and Ma, P. (2018). Optimal penalized function-on-function regression under a reproducing kernel Hilbert space. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 113, 1601-1611.
  • Xu, Y., Jean, F., and Wang, X. (2018). On the statistical eciency of compositional nonparametric prediction. AISTAT, 1531-1539.
  • Wang, X. and Zhu, H. (2017). Generalized scalar-on-image regression models via total variation. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 112, 1156-1168.
  • Qu, S., Wang, J.L. and Wang, X. (2016). Optimal estimation for the functional Cox model. Annals of Statistics, 44, 1708-1738.
  • Wang, X. and Shen, J. (2013). Uniform convergence and rate adaptive estimation of convex functions via constrained optimization. SIAM Journal of Control and Optimization, 51, 2753-2787.
  • Wang, X., Du, P. and Shen, J. (2013). Smoothing splines with varying smoothing parameter. Biometrika, 100, 955-970.
  • Shen, J. and Wang, X. (2011). Estimation of Monotone Functions via P-Splines: A Constrained Dynamical Optimization Approach, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 49, 646-671.
  • Wang, X. and Shen, J. (2010) A Class of Grouped Brunk Estimators and Penalized Spline Estimators for Monotone Regression. Biometrika, 97, 585-601.
  • Wang, X., Walker, M., Pal, J., Woodroofe, M., Mateo, M. (2008) Model-Independent Estimation of Dark Matter Distributions, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 103, 1070-1084.
  • Wang, X. and Woodroofe, M. (2007) A Kiefer Wolfowitz Comparison Theorem for Wichsell's Problem, Annals of Statistics, 35, 1559-1575.