When Statistics Embraces A.I.

Purdue Department of Statistics

Xiao Wang, Professor of Statistics




  • Machine Learning
  • Nonparametric Statistics
  • Big Data
  • Reliability

What's New

  • January 15th, Yao Chen's paper "Nonlinear Variable Selection via Deep Neural Networks" has been named the winner of the 2019 SLDS Student Paper Award
  • September 5th, Yixi Xu's paper "Understanding Weight Normalized Deep Neural Networks with Rectified Linear Units" is accepted in Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2018

  • September 5th, Yao Chen's paper "Classification of short single lead electrocardiograms (ECGs) for atrial fibrillation detection using piecewise linear spline and XGBoost" is accepted in Physiological Measurement