Arman Sabbaghi

Assistant Professor in the Area of Applied Statistics
Associate Director, Statistical Consulting Service
Department of Statistics
Purdue University

Contact Information
Purdue University Department of Statistics
150 North University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2066
Office: MATH 204
Phone: (765) 496-0234
Fax: (765) 494-0558

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I seek to foster an appreciation of the applications of statistics in every class that I teach. Specifically, in my lectures I emphasize deep conceptual understanding (as opposed to mere knowledge) of statistical methodologies that is crucial for their successful application, and integrate real data with a context and purpose. I also design the coursework and group projects in my classes so as to promote statistical literacy and thinking, the thoughtful collection of real data, and the investigative process of problem-solving and decision-making inherent in statistical applications. The ultimate positive impact of my fostering this appreciation in my classes is that my students learn how to apply statistics to address difficult real-life questions across a wide range of disciplines.

Further information on the courses that I have taught can be found in the syllabi below.

Teaching at Purdue University

STAT 695: Bayesian Data Analysis (Fall 2018)
STAT 695: Bayesian Data Analysis (Fall 2017)
STAT 490: Experimental Design (Fall 2016)
STAT 695: Bayesian Data Analysis (Fall 2016)
STAT 490: Experimental Design (Fall 2015)
STAT 513/IE 530: Statistical Quality Control (Spring 2015)