STAT 526

Advanced Statistical Methodology

Spring 2014

TTh 9:00 - 10:15am, REC 123

Instructor: Olga Vitek

Office: HAAS 120

Phone: (765) 496-9544


Office hours: Wed 9:00am-10:00am or by appointment

Admin: Syllabus, Piazza, Blackboard.

R: CRAN, reference, search, RStudio, Purdue software consulting.

Books: KNNL 5th Ed., Agresti categorical 3rd Ed.,  Statistics with R.

Campus emergency procedures: here

Fixed-effects ANOVA

Reading: KNNL Ch.16-20

Tuesday, Jan 14: Notes.

Thursday, Jan 16: Hw1 out.

Tuesday, Jan 21: R examples 1 and 2; dataset for example 2.

Linear models: extra topics

Reading: KNNL Ch.11

Thursday, Jan 23: Lecture notes. Hw1 due. Hw2 out; dataset for hw2.

Tuesday, Jan 28:

Linear mixed-effects models

Reading: Rao Ch.14; KNNL Ch.16-20; Faraway Ch.8

Thursday, Jan 30: Lecture notes. Hw2 due. Hw3 out.

Tuesday, Feb 4:

Thursday, Feb 6: Lecture notes

Tuesday, Feb 11: Lecture notes. Hw3 due. Office hours after the class.

Wednesday, Feb 12: No office hours. Midterm 1 solutions and grades. 8:00-10:00pm, LILY 3118

Thursday, Feb 13: No class.

Contingency tables of 1 and 2 variables: description and inference

Reading: Agresti Ch.1-3; Faraway Ch.4.

Tuesday, Feb 18: Lecture notes.

Thursday, Feb 20: Hw4 out.

Tuesday, Feb 25:

Logit models: binomial response

Reading: KNNL Ch.14; Faraway Ch.2; Agresti Ch.5-6

Tuesday, Feb 25: Extra class, 6:00pm-7:15pm, STON 217. Lecture notes.

Thursday, Feb 27: Hw4 due. Guest lecture by Prof. Chong Gu.

Tuesday, Mar 4: R examples and dataset.

Poisson and Negative Binomial response

Reading: Faraway Ch.3, Sec.6.4; Gelman&Hill Ch.6

Tuesday, Mar 4: Extra class, 6:00pm-7:15pm, STON 217. Lecture notes. Hw5 problems and dataset.

Thursday, Mar 6: 

Tuesday, Mar 11: Project groups due. Hw5 due. Practice midterm problems and solutions.

GLM: general formulation

Reading: Faraway Ch.6, Agresti Ch.4

Thursday, Mar 13: Lecture notes. Midterm 2 solutions, grades. 8:00-10:00pm, LILY 3118

Tuesday, Mar 18: No class, Spring break.

Thursday, Mar 20: No class, Spring break.

Tuesday, Mar 25: No class. Hw6 problems and dataset. Project guidelines.

Logit models: ordinal and nominal response

Reading: Agresti Ch.8, Agresti ordinal Ch.3.

Thursday, Mar 27: Lecture notes.

Tuesday, Apr 1: Hw6 due

Contingency tables of more than 2 variables: log-linear models

Reading: Faraway Ch.4, Agresti Ch.9, Venable and Ripley Sec.3.7 

Thursday, Apr 3: No class. Hw7 out. First 3 problems for hw7.

Tuesday, Apr 8:  No class. Project proposals due.

Thursday, Apr 10: Hw7 due. Lecture notes.

Tuesday, Apr 15: Hw8 out.

Thursday, Apr 17:

Survival analysis

Reading: Le Sec.2.2, Venable and Ripley Ch.13

Tuesday, Apr 22: Hw8 due. Extended solution of problem3.

Thursday, Apr 24: Hw9 out.

Tuesday, Apr 29: Updated lecture notes.

Thursday, May 1: R case study with CoxPH model

Friday May 2: Hw9 due. Project reports due. Practice for the final exam: problems and solutions.

Friday, May 9: Final exam. 10:30am-12:30pm, ME2061. Solutions and grades.

Tentative schedule and handouts

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