STAT 598

Bioinformatics Seminar

Fall 2017

Time: 11:30am-12:20pm Location: HORT 117


Speaker (Institution)



Aug. 22

Min Zhang

Course Information

Sep. 5

Hongxia Ren

(Indiana Univ.

School of Medicine)

Targeting the Brain for Metabolic Disease Therapy [abstract]

Immunity in AD [pdf]

FoxO1 food intake [pdf]

Sep. 12

Nadia Atallah

(Purdue Univ.)

NextGen Sequencing: Experimental Planning and Data Analysis [abstract][slides]

Sequencing Technology [pdf]

Sep. 26

Majid Kazemian

(Purdue Univ.)

NGS data reveals host-pathogen interactions in EBV associated tumors [abstract]

Viral expression in human cancer [pdf]

Oct. 3

Jian Jin

(Purdue Univ.)

Digital Era of Agriculture Plant Phenotyping [abstract]

High-throughput phenotyping [pdf]

Oct. 10

October break

Oct. 17

Jennifer Wisecaver

(Purdue Univ.)

Linking genes to specialized metabolic pathways in plants [abstract]

Coexpression network approach for pathway in plants [pdf]

Oct. 24

Katherine Rainey

(Purdue Univ.)

Phenomic Inference: The Application of Mixed Models to Phenomics and Agronomic Research [abstract]

Genetic architecture of phenomic-enabled canopy coverage [pdf]

Oct. 31




Nov. 7

Xiaoqi Liu

(Purdue Univ.)

Polo-like kinase 1, from cell biology to cancer therapeutics [abstract]

Targeting Plks therapeutic approach for cancer treatment [pdf]

Nov. 14

Christopher Quinn

(Purdue Univ.)

Sparse Approximation for Time-Series Networks [abstract]

Methods to optimal tree approximations of graphs [pdf]

Nov. 28

Lingsong Zhang

(Purdue Univ.)

Angle-Based Multiclass Distance Weighted Support Vector Machine [abstract]

Angle-based SVM [pdf]

Distance-weighted SVM [pdf]

High-dimensional classification machines [pdf]