[Curriculum Vita]


Mark in his former office, MATH 540

I continue to mourn the loss of our colleague and friend Philippe Flajolet,
Fearless Leader of the Algorithms Project at INRIA in Rocquencourt (see Philippe's publications).

I maintain the international Analysis of Algorithms webpage.

For computing ease and power, I consistently rely on Apple Computers. Lately I am using Fedora Linux too.

I am constantly writing Maple, C++, Perl, Java, LaTeX, TeX, using emacs.

My students at Penn wrote a Facebook page called Ward Makes Calculus Worth Learning.

One of my students at The George Washington University, named Tianru Jiang, wrote a short paper about my teaching in 2013-14, called Observation of an Effective Teacher.

Books and Journals
  1. Online books at UPenn
  2. Electronic Library of Mathematics (Journals)
  3. Journals in Combinatorics and Related Fields
  4. Penn State List of Math Journals

Other Links

Our family supports the efforts of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

I enjoy all kinds of music. My favorite country singers are Tim and Faith.

Snoopy and Woodstock are on the web at snoopy.com and at Scott's Peanuts page.

Every day, I read my favorite newspaper, The New York Times.

For many years, I have enjoyed baseball, especially the New York Mets.

I also really enjoy Big Ten college football.

I also enjoy playing guitar (for about 20 years now) and, much more recently, the harp (harmonica).

The Internet Movie Database is a great resource for learning about movies.

I enjoy shopping at L.L. Bean.