Introduction to Probability

by Mark Daniel Ward and Ellen Gundlach

The "Preliminary Edition" was published by W. H. Freeman in 2013. (Amazon)

The hardcover 1st edition was published by W. H. Freeman in June 2015. (W. H. Freeman, Amazon)

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Many thanks to our colleagues and the students in their classes who have been testing the book! It is exciting to have the hardcover edition finally appear in print.

We appreciate all insights and comments about the book.
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Corrections to the 1st edition, 1st printing:

p. xxii, in the Floor and Ceiling Functions, the floor symbol is accidentally used at the end of the line of about the ceiling function. So the last line of this section should look like this:

p. 91, in Remark 8.6, should say: We usually drop the notation about restricting to x's for which pX(x) ≠ 0 (rather than pX(x) = 0).
p. 232, in Figure 18.1, the right hand figure is labeled as F_Y(y) but it should be labeled as p_Y(y)
p. 260, the mean and variance for the Hypergeometric random variables are switched.
p. 408, exercise 31.14, renumber f, g, h, i as g, h, i, j.
p. 409, exercise 31.22 should be called "Broken chalk", and on p. 410, exercise 31.24 should be called "Active child".
p. 425, exercise 32.8 should say "pizzas arrive" not "pizza arrives".
p. 501, exercise 37.8 should say "2140 or more 1's".
p. 539, last line of Exercise 39.12, at the end, it should say =1 not =0.
p. 581, exercise 42.13a, should say "Find the probability density function of the jth order statistic of the location of her hand (1 <= j <= 6)."
p. 611, exercise 44.8, line 5, says "Burgers are listed on the dollar menu." It should say (instead) that "Burgers are listed for $1.60 on the menu."
p. 622, exercise 2.31, the solution should be P(A_0) = 1/3, P(A_1) = 1/3, P(A_2) = 1/3.
p. 636, the answer to exercise 22.23 should be 7.1921, not 7.037.
p. 643, the answers to exercises 39.3a and 39.3b should say 1.3X + 10, not 1.3X - 10.
p. 652, the mean and variance for the Hypergeometric random variables are switched.