"Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics"
HONR 399, Fall 2009

Lecture: MWF, 8:30 AM -- 9:20 AM, in REC 315
(HONR 39900-002; Banner CRN 36391)

Computer Laboratory: Tues, 8:30 AM -- 9:20 AM, in SC 183
(HONR 39900-004; Banner CRN 36392)

Professor: Mark Daniel Ward
Email: mdw@purdue.edu
Office: MATH 540
Phone: 765-496-9563
Office hours: MTWF, 7:30 AM -- 8:20 AM, in MATH 540

Grader: InKyung Choi
Email: ichoi@stat.purdue.edu
Office: MATH G171
Phone: 765-496-3049
Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00 PM -- 2:50 PM, in MATH G171

This course is based on the topics advocated at the recent Workshop on Integrating Computing into the Statistics Curricula, organized by Mark Hansen (UCLA), Deborah Nolan (UC Berkeley), and Duncan Temple Lang (UC Davis), and sponsored by the National Science Foundation and CAUSE. Dr. Ward acknowledges and thanks the organizers for sharing their materials from previous courses they have taught on similar topics.

This semester we will use the R platform for visualizing data, for making and interpreting arguments with statistics, for human rights, etc.

Some interesting websites for data are given here. Additional sources of data or data representations are very welcome: Course description: click here

Course policy: click here

Homework: (subject to small changes) Multimedia that might be of interest: