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Additional Information Key  Due Date
matrices 5.1, 5.8, 5.10 (matrix A only) Key  In Homework 4, Thursday, Feb. 7
group Project 2, APPENC07.DAT Key,  THURSDAY
 April 18


If a problem requires work, it must be shown to receive credit..
Please submit your problem set in the order listed below.

Please do not hand in any unlabeled or unedited SAS output. Include in your write-up only those results that are necessary to present a complete solution. In particular, questions must be answered in order (including graphs), and all graphs must be fully labeled (main title should include question number, and all axes should be labeled). Don't forget to put all necessary information (see course policies) on the first page. Include the SAS input for all questions at the very end of your homework. You will often be asked to continue problems on successive homework assignments. So save all your SAS code.

Homework   Problems Key  Due  Date
0  Homework 0, Homework 0A Key 0
Key 0A
 Jan. 10
Not to be turned in
1  Homework 1, CH01PR19.DAT Key  Jan. 17
2  Homework 2, CH01PR22.DAT Key Corrected 1/28/12  Jan. 24
3  Homework 3, CH03PR15.DAT, CH01PR22.DAT Key  Jan. 31
4  Homework 4, CH06PR18.DAT Key  Feb. 7
5  Homework 5, CH06PR18.DAT Key  Feb. 14
6  Homework 6, CH06PR18.DAT, CH08PR24.DAT Key  Feb. 28
7  Homework 7, CH06PR18.DAT, CH10PR13.txt Key  March 7
SPRING BREAK - Mar. 11 - Mar. 16
8 Homework 8, CH10PR13.txt, CH11PR07.DAT, CH16PR11.DAT Key  March 21
9 Homework 9,, CH16PR11.DAT Key  March 28
10 Homework 10, CH19PR16.DAT Key  April 11
11 Homework 11 final version, CH20PR08.DAT, CH24PR09.DAT Key  TUESDAY
 April 23

Extra Problems:

Random Effects, CH25PR09.DAT, CH25PR17.DAT (Key), ANCOVA, CH22PR09.DAT (Key)

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