SAS Information and data files

For online help, I would suggest the following files Introductory SAS Course and SAS Tricks and Tips (by Doug Baumann, 9/2008).

Another Introduction to SAS: Lecture 1 (SAS CODES lecture1), Lecture 2 (SAS CODES lecture2, revenue1.dat, revenue2.dat)

To ask questions, you can go to the Software Consultant in G-175 ( information) except during breaks or the Wednesday evening SAS help session: Wed 7:00 - 9:00 pm in BRNG B275 except during Thanksgiving.

You can use SAS at any campus computer lab (or at least most of them) [All programs → Standard Software → Statistical Packages → SAS 9.3 → SAS 9.3 (English) and then load the sas code into the editor.], use goremote [Standard Software → Statistical Packages → SAS 9-3 64-BIT] or obtain a version of the program for your home computer by showing your student ID in Young Hall 5th Floor reception area (phone: 494-5100).

Note: Copying is different in Word 2010 and Word 2007.

Please bring the following help file to class on Wednesday: Introduction to SAS with source file and data files pigs.dat, Ex.2.2.4.dat

The following table consists of the computer labs that I ran last summer. I have deleted all of the old sas files because of conflicts with the projects.

Computer Lab  SAS files  data files Key  Class  Date  Due  Date
Lab 1
Introduction to SAS/Descriptive Statistics,,,, a2.dat, a4.dat, a5.dat, Ex2.2.6.dat, Ex2.5.3.dat    
Lab 2
Probability,,,, There are no data files for this lab.    
Lab 3
QQPlot, Sampling Distributions, Inference,,,,, c1.dat, c5.dat, c6.dat, Ex.3.1.dat, Inference1.dat, Inference2.dat    
Lab 4
Paired t-test, Categorical Inference,,, d1.dat, d3.dat, d4.dat, benzamil.dat, rannum.dat, plover.dat    
Lab 5
ANOVA and Linear Regression,,,,,, e1.dat, e1a.dat, e3.dat, fitness.dat, fungus.dat, birch.dat    

Extra files:, Ex.2.2.4.dat,, Exhistogram.dat,,, Ex.2.5.1.dat,,,,,, Ex.11.4.1.dat,, LinearRegression.dat

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