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This schedule is tentative and subject to change.
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Week Date (Sun.) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 1/10 First day of class PSO
• Review of Notation
• Discussion of contents of Part I
• Discussion of set theory (please read the Set Theory reading on Friday)
Worksheet (W1W) on Set Theory and Venn Diagrams

Book: Notation Review, Math Review, Chapter 1

Set Theory internet (1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.2.2)
Set Theory Previous book
definitions (pdf/video)
sample space 1 (pdf/video)
sample space 2 (pdf/video)
HowManyEvents (pdf/video)
kinds of events (pdf/video)

Assignment due
Online Quiz: Chapter 1 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W1F: Sample Space and Set Theory

Assignments due
Questionnaire Due (in class)
Online Quiz: Syllabus due (midnight)
2 1/17 No Class: Martin Luther King Jr Reading
Book: Chapter 2 We will cover some important parts of 2.5 in class on Wednesday

Slides for Chapter 2
Definitions of Axiom, Theorem, etc. (You will need to look up the definitions that you want.)
Types of Probability
axioms (pdf/video)
union(finite) (pdf/video)
empty set (pdf/video)
EquallyLikely1 (pdf/video)
EquallyLikely2 (pdf/video) EquallyLikely3 (pdf/video) Partition (pdf/video) Inclusion/Exclusion (pdf1/pdf2/video)
Example Inclusion/Exclusion (Addition Rule #2)

Assignment due
Online Quiz: Chapter 2 due (midnight)
In Class
Lecture - story problems, philosophy of proofs, discussion of material not in the book

Assignments due
Worksheet W1F due
In Class
In-Class Activities: Types of Probabilities
Worksheet W2F: Disjoint, etc.
3 1/24 Reading
Book: Chapter 4
Note: We are discussing Chapter 4 BEFORE Chapter 3

CondProb (pdf/video)
Example2 (pdf/video)
CondProbLaws (pdf/video)
Example3 (pdf/video)

Assignment due
Online Quiz: Chapter 4 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W3M: Conditional Probability
Book: Chapter 3 (Section 3.3:Good before bad ONLY the theorem, no examples/proof)

Independence (pdf/video)
Ind (Conditional) (pdf/video)
Ind/Disjoint (pdf/pdf/video)
Pairwise Independence
Examples (pdf/video)
More Examples

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 3 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W3W: Independence

Assignments due
Worksheet W2F due
Worksheet W3F: Conditional Probabilities, Independence, Proofs
4 1/31 Reading
Book: Chapter 5 + Extra readings

Bayes' 1 (pdf/video)
Example1 (pdf/video)
Bayes' 2(pdf/video)
Example2 (pdf/video)
Bayes' 3 (pdf/video)
Example3 (pdf/video)
Bayes' 4 (pdf/video)
MultiRule Comment
Bayes/Tree Diagram
Polya's Urn
Electrical Circuits and Probability

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 5 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W4M: Bayes, etc.

Assignments due Worksheet W3M due
Worksheet W3W due
Worksheet W3F due? Worksheet W3F key will be posted
Book: Chapters 22, 23

I have provided the pdfs/mp4s and additional readings. We will not be covering Section 21.3: Seating Arrangements

Slides for Combinatorics
Equally Likely (Review) (pdf/video)
BCR (pdf/video)
Permutation (pdf/video)
Combination (pdf/video)
SB (pdf/video)
Binomial Coefficient background - read mostly the first page and the Binomial Theorem
no SB Community College
no SB YouTube
Permutations and Combinations Pre-calc
SB Wikipedia
SB Be careful about terminology
SB Examples
Ordered Partition

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapters 22,23 due (midnight)
In Class
Lecture on Combinatorics

You will only need to read/watch the pdf/mp4s for class. Please go over the rest of the material for the next quiz.
Chapter 6
Worksheet W4F: Chapter 6

5 2/7 In Class
Review for Exam 1

Assignments due
Worksheet W4M due
Worksheet W4F due Worksheet W4F key will be posted
In Class
Exam 1
Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapters 22, 23 Review due (midnight)
This quiz will be more involved than the quiz due on Feb. 1.
In Class
Worksheet W5F: Combinatorics 1
6 2/14 In Class
Exam Returned
Worksheet W6M: Combinatorics 2
Book: Chapters 7 and 8

Slides for Chapters 7 and 8
RandomVariable (pdf/video)
Example 1 (pdf/video)
Example 2 (pdf/video)
DiscreteVsCont (pdf/video)
Probabilities (pdf/video)
Indicators (pdf/video)
OutcomesP=0 (pdf/video)
Random Variable vs. Algebraic Variables

PMF (pdf/video)
Example 1 (pdf/video)
CDF (pdf/video)
CDFNondecreas (pdf/video)
Example 2 (pdf/video)
Example 3 (pdf/video)
Properties of PMF (we use p(x) instead of f(x) for the pmf)
Properties of CDF 1 - 3, 6: Some of these are for continuous random variables

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapters 7 and 8 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W6W: Discrete RV
Brief Lecture on PMF/CDF (Slides)
Go over Exam
7 2/21 Reading
Chapter 9

Slides for Chapter 9
Joint (pdf/video)
Example 1 (pdf/video)
Joint->Single (pdf/video)
Conditional (pdf/video)
IndependentRV (pdf/video)
Example 2 (pdf/video)
Indicator (pdf/video)
Collection (pdf/video)
Marginal Distribution
Joint Random Variables Sections 5.1.0 - 5.1.3 (5.1.4 is Chapter 11)
Joint CDF Properties Probabilities

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 9 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W7M: Joint Distributions Discrete

Assignments due Worksheet W5F due
Worksheet W6M due
Worksheet W6W due
Book: Chapters 10 and 11

Slides for Chpts 10 and 11
Expected1 (pdf/video)
Expected2 (pdf/video)
Expected3 (pdf/video)
Example 1 (pdf/video)
Example 2 (pdf/video)

ExpectedSum (pdf/video)
Example1a (pdf/video)
Example2a (pdf/video)

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapters 10 and 11 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W7W: Expected Values
Very brief lecture on the derivation of Expected Values
Indicator Variables - lecture? Worksheet?
8 2/28 Reading
Book: Chapter 12

Slides for Chapter 12
ExpectedFunc (pdf/video)
Example1b (pdf/video)
Variance1 (pdf/video)
Example1c (pdf/video)
Variance2 (pdf/video)
Variance3 (pdf/video)
More Facts about Variance My (Findsen) Five Friendly Facts about Variance

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 12 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W8M: Variance

Assignments due
Worksheet W7M due
Worksheet W7W due
Worksheet W7F due
Book: Chapters 14 and 15

Slides for Chapters 14,15

Bernoulli Random Variable (14)
Bernoulli (pdf/video)
mass/CDF (pdf/video)
Example (pdf/video)

Binomial Random Variable (15)
Binomial (pdf/video)
mass (pdf/video)
Expected/Var (pdf/video)
Example1 (pdf/video)
Example2 (pdf/video)
BINS Slide 2

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapters 14 and 15 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W8W: Bernoulli and Binomial
Worksheet W8F: Chapter 13: Review of Part 2
9 3/6 Reading
Book: Chapter 18

Slides for Chapters 8

Poisson Random Variable
Poisson (pdf/video)
Example (pdf/video)
Conditional (pdf/video)
Exampled/Var (pdf/video)
ApproxBinomial (pdf/video)
Derivation from Binomial (Equation 4) Also look at Remark 18.13
Poisson Process Page 1

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 18 due (midnight)
In Class
Lecture: Binomial setting, Poisson process, etc.

Assignments due Worksheet W8M due
Worksheet W8F due?
Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 18 - the real chapter 18 - due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W9W: Poisson Corrected again (Friday) the mistakes that I found in class, 3/11/15
10 3/20 Reading
Book: Chapter 16

Slides for Chapter 16
Be sure to read the summary slides

Geometric Random Variable
Geometric (pdf/video)
derivation (pdf/video)
Expected/Var (pdf/video)
#Failures (pdf/video)
inequalities (pdf/video)
Memoryless (pdf/video)
WhichRandom (pdf/video)
Why is it called Geometric? (1)
Why is it called Geometric? (2)

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 16 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W10M: Geometric

Assignments due Worksheet W8W due
Worksheet W9W due
Worksheet W9F due?
Book: Chapters 17 and 20

Slides for Chapters 17 & 20
Be sure to read the summary slides

Negative Binommial Random Variable
NegBin (pdf/video)
derivation (pdf/video)
Example (pdf/video) Expected/Var (pdf/video) Example2 (pdf/video)
Additional Notes

Discrete Uniform Random Variable
D.Uniform (pdf/video)
Example (pdf/video)

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapters 17 and 20 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W10W: Negative Bionomial and Discrete Uniform
11 3/27 Reading
Book: Chapter 19

Slides for 19
Be sure to read the summary slide

Hypergeometric Random Variable
Hypergeometric (pdf/video)
Example (pdf/video)
BinomialApprox (pdf/video) Additional Notes Capture/Recapture and Binomial Approximation
Why is it called Hypergeometric?

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 19 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W11M: Hypergeometric

Assignments due
Worksheet W10M due
Worksheet W10W due
Worksheet W10F due?
Chapter 21

In Class
Worksheet W11W Flow Chart
12 4/3 In Class
Review for Midterm 2

Assignments due
Worksheet W11M due
Worksheet W11W due
Worksheet W11F due?
In Class
Exam 2
Chapter 24

Slides for Chapters 24

Integration Review
read p. xxii in the book
read your favorite Calculus Textbook
Chapter 25 in the textbook has some hints for multiple integration
Integration Review
Multiple Integration Review

Continuous Random Variables
PDF (pdf/video)
PDF Example (pdf/video)
CDF (pdf/video)
CDF/PDF (pdf/video)
CDF Example (pdf/video)
CDF Example2 (pdf/video) Derivation of PDF
PDF again
Finding Percentiles

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapter 24 due (midnight)
Note: There will be some simple integrations on the quiz.
In Class
Worksheet W12F: Continuous
13 4/10 Reading
Chapters 25, 26, and 27

Slides for Chapters 25,26,27

The only difference between these sections and Chapter 9 is that we are replacing summations with integrals and p(x) with f(x). Therefore, the material is very similar to what we have covered before in Part 2.

Joint (25)
The examples in this section are hints on how to do the integration. Example 1 is covered on the W12F worksheet. Joint (pdf/video)
Example1P1 (pdf/video)
Example1P2 (pdf/video)
Constant Joint (pdf/video)
Marginal Dens (pdf/video)
Example2 (pdf/video)
Finding Percentiles

Independent (26)
Def (pdf/video)
Example1 (pdf/video)
Indep vs. Dep (pdf/video)
Example2 (pdf/video)

Conditional (27)
Conditional (pdf/video)
Conditional2 (pdf/video)
Example1 (pdf/video)
Example2 (pdf/video)

Assignment due
Online Quiz: Chapters 25, 26, and 27 due (midnight)
In Class
Hopefully return the exam.
Worksheet W13M: Conditional and Independent Continuous
Book: Chapters 28 and 29

Slides for Chapters 28,29

The only difference between these sections and Chapters 10, 11, and 12 is that we are replacing summations with integrals and p(x) with f(x). Therefore, the material is very similar to what we have covered before in Part 2. All of the rules of Expectations and Variances are the same as before.

Expected Value (28) ExpectedValue (pdf/video)
Example1 (pdf/video)
Example2 (pdf/video)
Example3 (Joint) (pdf/video)

Variance (29)
Func/Var (pdf/video)
Example1 (pdf/video)
Example2 (pdf/video)
Example3 (pdf/video)
ExpValProp1 (pdf/video)
ExpValProp2 (pdf/video)
ExpValProp3 (pdf/video)
VarProp (pdf/video)
Expected values of Joint Functions

Assignments due
Online Quiz: Chapters 28 and 29 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W13W: Expected values and Variance
Return Exam
Worksheet W13F: Chapter 30
14 4/17 Reading
Book: Chapters 31 and 32

Slides for Chapters 31 and 32

PDF, CDF (pdf/video)
ExpVal Var (pdf/video)
Example (pdf/video)
Conditional (pdf/video)

Exponential PDF, CDF (pdf/video)
ExpVal Var (pdf/video)
Joint (pdf/video)
Conditional (pdf/video)
Poisson vs. Exponential

Assignment due
Online Quiz: Chapters 31 and 32 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W14M: Uniform and Exponential

Assignments due
Worksheet W12F due
Worksheet W13M due
Worksheet W13W due
Worksheet W13F due?
Book: Chapter 35

Slides for Chapter 35
Note: there are some Slides that are not in the book.

Def, PDF (pdf/video)
ExpVal Var (pdf/video)
Std.Normal (pdf/video)
Std.Normal2 (pdf/video)
CDF Table (pdf/video)
Example (pdf/video)

Assignment due Online Quiz: Chapter 35 due (midnight)
In Class
Worksheet W14W: Normal

Assignments due
Extra Midterm 2 due
Project due
15 4/24 Reading
Book: 37.4, 37.5, Slides on Gamma and Beta Distributions

Slides for Chapters 33 (brief), 34(brief), 37.4, 37.5

Gamma (Chapter 33)
Gamma (pdf/video)
Gamma2 (pdf/video)
CDF/PDF (pdf/video)
Facts (pdf/video)
Please see the Slides above for uses of the Gamma

Beta (Chapter 34)
Beta (pdf/video)
ExpVar (pdf/video)
Plots (pdf/video)
Please see the Slides above for uses of the Beta

Normal Approximation to the Binomial Approx (pdf/video)
Continuity Correction Youtube video

Note: most books have np > 5, nq > 5, our textbook has npq ≥ 10 for the continuity correction to be valid.

Assignment due
Online Quiz (SHORT): Chapter 32,33,37.4,37.5 due (midnight Sunday)
In Class
Worksheet W15M: Normal Approximation to the Binomial

Assignments due
Worksheet W14M due
Worksheet W14W due
Worksheet W14F due?
Book: 38
Slides for Chapter 38

In Class
Worksheet W15W: Review of named distributions
Chapter 38
In Class
Review for Final

Assignments due Worksheet W15M due
Worksheet W15W due
Finals Week 5/1 Wednesday Official
Final May 6
8:00 am - 10:00 am
UNIV 019

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