Jun Xie
Welcome to my home page. I'm very glad that you have made it this far.

Professor of Statistics
Department of Statistics
Purdue University
250 N. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067

Tel: (765)494-6032
Email: junxie@purdue.edu

My research group works on statistical methods for genomics big-data.
I'm currently recruiting postdoc and graduate Research Assistants. Please
see Position Openings


Department of Probability and Statistics, Peking University
B.S. in Statistics

Department of Probability and Statistics, Peking University
M.S. in Statistics

Department of Statistics, University of California at Los Angeles
Ph.D. in Statistics

Current Research Projects

Our research group is working on high dimensional data analysis and
dimension reduction techniques, with applications mainly in biomedical
research. The data in our projects are high throughput produced by modern
biotechnologies (usually in the scale of gigabytes), which require parallel

Research Group

Graduate Students

Position Openings