Lab 1: W, 1/14, 4:30-5:20; HAMP 3144; due R, 1/15, 11:59pm

Lab 1 R Tutorial
Lab 1 SAS Tutorial

Lab 1 Tutorial helicon .txt data file
To open a .txt data file in R from a website, utilize the following commands in the console:
helicon = url("", 'r') #Utilize 'r' input if the top row/header is variable names. Else, omit 'r' input.
read.table(helicon, header = TRUE) #header=TRUE if the first line/row in the .txt data file is variable names. Else, input defaults to header=FALSE

Lab 1
Lab 1 Intelligence Quotient (IQ) .txt data file
Lab 1 Seventh Grade .txt data file

Lab 1 R KEY