Video Series by David Moore


26 half-hour programs, released 1989

This is a telecourse that presents an introductory college statistics course for students without calculus. Against All Odds was funded by the Annenberg/Corporation for Public Broadcasting Project. The text by David Moore and George McCabe, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics was originally written to accompany this telecourse. Against All Odds is primarily intended for use by distant learners and dates to 1989. Its most valuable feature is the roughly 70 "on location" documentaries showing real people using statistics. Some of these are dated, but classics such as sampling in making potato chips have enormous student appeal. The article by David. Moore "The place of video in new styles of teaching and learning statistics,'' The American Statistician, 47, 1993, pp. 172-176 comments on how to use video effectively in classroom teaching.


5 hours, 21 modules, released 1992

This is a set of shorter and more focused video modules intended to supplement classroom teaching at the secondary school level. It uses excerpts from the location shooting done for Against All Odds. This series was funded by the National Science Foundation.

For more information or to order Against All Odds within the United States, call the Annenberg/CPB marketing line at 1-800-LEARNER or visit For detailed information about Decisions Through Data, to order it, or to order Against All Odds outside the U.S., contact
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        175 Middlesex Turnpike
	Suite 3B
        Bedford MA 01730
        Phone 1-800-772-6627 or 1-781-862-7878
COMAP is the non-profit mathematics education house that produced both video series. I receive no royalties from sales of the videos.

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