Title: "Open Discussion: Big Data Building Blocks - High-Performance Computing and Data"
Speaker: Preston Smith; Director of Research Services and Support, Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP)

Place: BEERING 2280
Date: February 16, 2016; Tuesday
Time: 4:30pm

Purdue researchers create and consume data at an ever-growing rate. ITaP's Research Computing has a long track record of providing building blocks in high-performance computing and storage to allow researchers to customize their own environments for simulation and modeling. Since 2008, the community cluster program has provided world-class cyberinfrastructure for Purdue faculty, supplemented in recent years by high-performance storage (Research Data Depot), transfer services, networks, and advanced computational science support.

This discussion will present an overview of the various building blocks available to Purdue researchers, and identify opportunities for the University to better support the simulation and analysis of big data.

Associated reading:
1. Connecting HPC and High Performance Networks for Scientists and Researchers

2. Developing Sustainable Data Services in Cyberinfrastructure for Higher Education Requirements and Lessons Learned

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