Title: "Open Discussion: BIG Data Capabilities and Needs at Purdue University"
Speaker: Rebecca Doerge; President's Fellow on BIG Data and Simulation, Department of Statistics, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University

Place: LILLY Hall G126
Date: January 26, 2016; Tuesday
Time: 4:30pm

BIG Data can be defined as a cultural, technological, and scholarly phenomenon that rests on the interplay of technology and analytics. The BIG data arena at Purdue University has its foundation and strengths in infrastructure that supports theory, technology and analytic advances that address global societal, business, and environmental issues. The current capabilities in BIG data and Data Science at Purdue University include Infrastructure, Domain Science Research, and research activities that are generating BIG data.

We have become increasingly aware of the lack of communication and awareness of capabilities, expertise and ongoing research in the BIG Data arena at Purdue University. There are a lot of people working with/on BIG Data and Simulation, but unfortunately these people are not meeting each other to discuss ideas, needs, issues, future collaborations, or to establish a community within the walls of Purdue. For the Spring 2016 semester only, the Bioinformatics Seminar Series will focus on open discussions of BIG Data and Simulation for the purpose of bringing awareness of infrastructure, domain expertise, and upcoming and ongoing projects that fall into the global description of BIG Data at Purdue University.

In this first discussion/gathering, a general informational background will be provided to describe events leading up Purdue's focus on BIG Data, what is being done, what has been learned and the plan forward.

Click here www.stat.purdue.edu/~doerge/BIOINFORM.D/SPRING16/sem.html for a full schedule of BIOINFORMATICS SEMINARS, past and present.