Title: "Gene expression in Beetles tissue"
Speaker: Karen Kafadar, Chair & Rudy Professor of Statistics; Department of Statistics, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Place: PHYS 223
Date: February 28, 2012, Tuesday, 4:30pm


I will discuss the design and analysis of a microarray experiment involving beetles of 16 types. Specifically, issues to be covered are:
1. Design of experiment, based on the Square Combining table
2. Factorial nature of the experiment
3. Adjusting for background effects
4. Analysis based on sums of squares of contrasts of interest to the biologists.
We illustrate the inferences using false discovery rate (FDR) and local FDR on data from a microarray experiment involving beetles of 16 types. The results indicate genes responsive to tissues, gender, nutrition status, and combinations of factors.

Associated Reading:
1. K. Kafadar and T. Phang. 2003. Transformations, Background Estimation, and Process Effects in the Statistical Analysis of Microarrays, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 44(1-2), 313-338.

2. Armin P. Moczek and Lisa M. Nagy. 2005. Diverse developmental mechanisms contribute to different levels of diversity in horned beetles. EVOLUTION & DEVELOPMENT 7:3, 175-185

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