Title: "Informatics of Biomarker Discovery in Mass Spectometry Based Proteomics"
Speaker: Dr. Xiang Zhang, Lead Scientist in Bindley Bioscience Center in Discovery Park, Purdue University
Place: Mechanical Engineering (ME) 161; Tuesday, 4:30pm

Two molecular profiling based strategies have been developed in expressional proteomics for biomarker discovery. One is global protein profiling followed by statistical analysis while the other is stable isotope labeling method. This presentation will introduce informatics of biomarker discovery platform developed at Bindley Bioscience Center using global molecular profiling approach. The platform includes experimental design, LC-MS analysis, spectrum deconvolution, quality assurance, peak alignment, sample normalization, statistical significance tests, clustering or classification, molecular identification and molecular correlation. A study case will be given to demonstrate application of the developed platform.

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