Title: "Decoding the mosaic structure of segmental duplications in human genome"
Speaker: Haixu Tang, School of Informatics,Indiana University, Bloomington
Place: Mechanical Engineering (ME) 161; Tuesday, 4:30pm


Segmental duplications are hotspots for gene innovation, structural polymorphism and genomic disease. The complex structure and history of these regions has eluded a global evolutionary analysis. Segmental duplications in human genome can be viewed as a complex mosaic of independent duplication units and decoding this mosaic structure (as well as deriving the complete set of duplication units) remains an open problem. We developed an A-Bruijn graph theoretical approach to derive the mosaic structure of segmental duplications in the entire human genome and decomposed these duplicated regions into 5000 duplication subunits. We further study the arrangements of duplication units (represented by the repeat graph) and argue that the analysis of the repeat graph provides important clues for evolutionary studies of segmental duplications.

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