Title: "Detecting Methylation using Microarray Technology"
Speaker: R.W. Doerge, Department of Statistics, Purdue University
Place: Smith Hall (SMTH) 108; Tuesday, 4:30pm


In recent work (Lippman et al. 2004), we have applied microarray technology for the purpose of detecting methylated genes in Arabidopsis. The purpose of this short seminar is to review the use of microarray technology and to introduce its application to DNA methylation. These concepts will be extended to higher eukaryotes where DNA methylation patterns serve as a second genomic information code. Under several disease states, including human cancer, abnormal cellular DNA methylation patterns can directly contribute to the mechanisms of tumorigenesis. Recent work by many groups has demonstrated that DNA methylation abnormalities may be exploited for the development of powerful cancer diagnostic and prognostic tools (Laird 2003).

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