Title: "Developing Computational Tools to Enhance Biological Research"
Speaker: Dr. Chittibabu Guda, University of California, San Diego; San Diego Supercomputer Center, La Jolla, CA
Place: April 13, 2004; SMITH 108; Tuesday, 4:30pm


Biological research has been evolving as a highly interdisciplinary, data-intensive field due to parallel advances in experimental techniques and computer science. Novel computational algorithms need to be developed to archive, analyze and extract useful information from this data. This talk introduces generic steps involved in algorithm and tool development for biological research and presents several new computational algorithms, databases and web servers that include prediction methods for sub-cellular localization of proteins, web tools for batch searching Pfam database and multiple protein structure alignment algorithm using Monte Carlo optimization. Finally, an overview of developing and integrating automated pipelines for functional annotation in the emerging field of systems biology will be presented.

(This is a candidate for the Bioinformatics COALESCE hires in the School of Science. To meet with the candidate, please contact RW Doerge at doerge@purdue.edu)

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