Title: "Microarrays from Micromirrors - The key to iterative experimental redesign"
Speaker: Steve Smith, VP Bioinformatics, NimbleGen Systems, Madison, Wisconsin
Place: LILLY G126; Tuesday, 4:30pm

Historically microarray design and manufacturing has been an expensive and slow process requiring significant investments in time and resources before realizing experimental ``first light''. NimbleGen Systems, Inc. offers a new approach to microarray fabrication, allowing researchers to quickly synthesize individual custom microarrays in large or small quanties without bulk oligonucleotide synthesis, robotic spotting, or production of expensive photolithographic masks. The NimbleGen Maskless Array Synthesizer uses DLP technology to control the synthesis of nearly 400,000 individual oligonucleotide probes on a single slide. This presentation will include application examples, performance data, and recent work in experimental redesign.