Title: "What we have learned from a partial sequencing of a eubacterial genome"
Speaker: Rick Westerman, Bioinformatics Specialist at the Genomics Initiative, Purdue University (westerman@purdue.edu)
Place: UNIV 101; Tuesday, 4:30pm


The eubacteria H. elongata has the unusual property of being halophilic (salt-tolerant). While the halophilic archaebacterium Halobacterium has been fully sequenced it is quite likely that the salt tolerant method that it uses is quite different than the method used by H. elongata. Additionally, H. elongata is closely related to E. coli and thus offers tantalizing experimental possibilities.

This talk will present the results of our partial sequencing of the H. elongata genome: the tools we used, unique putative proteins we discovered, and future paths that we plan to explore.