Title: ``Rapid Protein Identification/Characterization based on Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry: Ion/Ion Proton Transfer Reactions and Protein Ion Dissociation''
Speaker: Dr. Scott A. McLuckey, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University

Collaborators: Gavin Reid, Jason Hogan, Min He, Kelly Newton, Paul Chrisman, Sharon Pitteri, Mitch Wells, Chris Doerge, Jim Zimmerman, Bob Santini, Hao Shang, Gil Lee, Peng Pan, Dawn Watson, Jin Wu, Ethan Badman, Jim Stephenson

Place: April 2, 2002 UNIV. 101 4:30pm


The analysis of complex protein mixtures is among the major analytical challenges of the day. When protein identification is desired, mass spectrometry often plays a critical role. Virtually all approaches in common use today involve the mass analysis and, often, MS/MS analysis of proteolytic peptides. The use of proteolytic peptides for protein identification is sometimes referred to as a "bottom up" approach. A "top down" approach, in contradistinction, involves the mass analysis and MS/MS analysis of the whole protein. Top down approaches have potential advantages in speed and in identifying post-translational modifications. However, the technologies for top down protein analysis are far less mature than those for bottom up protein analysis. Most examples of top down protein analysis have been demonstrated with high magnetic field strength Fourier transform mass spectrometers. We have focused our attention on the development of novel top down protein analysis approaches that can be implemented using bench-top mass spectrometers, such as the quadrupole ion trap. These approaches rely heavily on gas-phase ion/ion proton transfer reactions and protein ion dissociation chemistries. Recent developments have enabled the concentration, purification, and dissociation of protein ions in the gas-phase thereby providing novel capabilities for rapid protein identification/characterization.