Title:``Statistical Issues in the Design and Analysis of Spotted Microarray Experiments, with Applications to Studies of Arabidopsis Chromosome 4''
Speaker: Michael (Mik) Black, Department of Statistics, Purdue University
Place: UNIV 101; Tuesday, 4:30pm


This talk will review and discuss the interaction which occurs between biologists and statisticians during the planning and analysis of typical microarray experiments. In particular, the effect of this interdisciplinary crosstalk on the design and analysis of a gene expression study will be described. The main focus will not be on the theoretical properties of the statistical methods themselves, rather, it will be on the choices which need to be made during the planning process, with regard to the mathematical model construction, the statistical experimental design, multiplicity correction, and power calculations. In each case, the options available will be described and explored in the context of an ongoing gene expression study involving chromosome 4 of Arabidopsis, work which arises from a collaboration with researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.