Title: "Part 1: Beginning a Job Search: Academic, Industry, Government..." "
Speaker: Rebecca Doerge, Department of Statistics and Department of Agronomy, Purdue University

Place: LILLY Hall G126
Date: December 1, 2015; Tuesday
Time: 4:30pm

This is a two part seminar. Part 1 includes details of the job search and interview process for both Masters students , Ph.D. students, and Postdocs. We will discuss what to think about prior to applying for a job, how to apply, details of a resume', details of a Curriculum Vitae (CV), Teaching Statements, and Research Statements. Once you get a job interview, you need to be prepared. We will discuss preparation, travel, expenses, dress, and what goes on during and after the interview. Part 2 (DECEMBER 8, 2015) will cover: Once you are offered a job, we will discuss what to consider, how to negotiate, how to decline a job offer, etc.

***The information and skills that will be presented are valuable for Masters and Ph.D. students, and Postdocs, seeking full time employment. ***

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