Title: "Wanted: Large Complex `Omic Data Seeking Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis"
Speaker: RW Doerge, Department of Statistics, Purdue University

Place: Lilly (LILY) Hall G126
Date: September 16, 2014; Tuesday
Time: 4:30pm


This is an exciting and influential time for the field of Statistics in science. Technological advances in genetic, genomic, and the other 'omic sciences are providing large amounts of complex data that are presenting a number of challenges for the biological community. Many of these challenges are deeply rooted in statistical issues that involve relatively small sample sizes with a large number of parameters (e.g., single cells, genes, exons, base pairs). Although there are many different computational tools for processing these data, there are still issues of data bias. Furthermore, there are a limited number of appropriate statistical methods, and even fewer that acknowledge the unique nature of these data (i.e., high dimensional discrete counts). After a discussion about the data and its structure, experimental design issues will be present. Next-generation sequencing experiments for both transcriptomic and epigenomic based questions will be presented with focus on dependence of high-dimensional data. This talk will be accessible to a broad scientific audience; an in depth understanding of statistics, biology and/or computing is not required.

Associated reading:
1. Auer, Srivastava, and Doerge. 2011. Differential expression: the next generation and beyond. Briefings in Functional Genomics.

2. Auer and Doerge. 2010. Statistical Design and Analysis of RNA Sequencing Data. Genetics.

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