Title: "A showcase of potential Ph.D. dissertation topics"
Speakers: Professors Ghosh, Vitek, Wu, Xie, D. Zhang, and M. Zhang
Place: Krannert (KRAN) G016; October 3, 2006, Tuesday, 4:30pm


In the interest of helping Ph.D. students in Statistics identify potential topics and Ph.D advisor for their Bioinformatics-related research, we are presenting a `showcase' of dissertation topics.

Each participating faculty member will present (10 min. or less) topics in which they are willing to accept a Statistics Ph.D. student for research. The majority of these faculty require that the student has passed the Ph.D. Qualifying exams in Statistics, but some are willing to entertain reading courses.

The following faculty will introduce their respective topic(s):

Min Zhang:
1)QTL mapping for multiple traits

Jayanta Ghosh
1) FDR Control for QTL Studies with Epistasis (joint project with Malgorzata Bogdan)
2) Model Selection for Microarrays with Different Kinds of Dependencies

Jun Xie
1)Integrative analysis of genomic data for gene transcriptional regulation

Jing Wu
1)Identifying common regulatory sequences for a set of co-expressed genes

Olga Vitek
1) Assessment of statistical significance of peptide and protein identifications from tandem mass spectra.
2) Design and analysis of mass spectrometry-based experiments for detection of differentially abundant peptides and proteins, and for discovery of molecular biomarkers of disease.

Dabao Zhang
1) Stochastic Models for Proteomics and Metabolomics

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