Title: "Comparisons of two ANOVA models for detecting differentially expressed genes in spotted microarray experiments"
Speaker: Ms. Hongmei Jiang, Department of Statistics, Purdue University
Place: Stanley Coulter (SC) 239; Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2004; 4:30pm


Analysis of variance (ANOVA) models have been successfully used to identify differentially expressed genes or genes that change between treatment conditions in spotted microarray experiments. In this talk, the differences and similarities between two commonly used ANOVA models are investigated in the context of a polyploid experiment. Genome polyploidy plays an important role in plant evolution. A series of Arabidopsis autopolyploids and allopolyploids have been developed, and their transcript abundances compared using 70-mer oligonucleotide microarray consisting of 26090 annotated genes in Arabidopsis. A repeated dye-swap experimental design and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were employed to detect significant gene expression changes between two autotetraploid populations. The statistical issues surrounding data analysis (e.g., replication, normalization, transformation, per-gene variance, and common variance) will be presented in the context of our polyploid findings.

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