Title: "False Discovery Rates in DNA Microarray Experiments"
Speaker: Dr. John Storey, Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Place: Stanley Coulter (SC) 239; Tuesday, 4:30pm


It is now common to obtain DNA microarrays over two or more biological conditions in an attempt to determine which genes show a statistically significant change in expression across these conditions. An important goal of this process is to find a suitable balance between true positives and false positives among the genes called significantly differentially expressed. In multiple hypothesis testing, the false discovery rate is the expected proportion of false positives among all statistics called significant. This quantity is often well suited for the problem of identifying differentially expressed genes. I will discuss several recent advances in the theory of false discovery rates and their application to the problem of detecting differentially expressed genes in DNA microarray experiments.

This includes joint work with Jonathan Taylor, Rob Tibshirani, and David Siegmund.