Title:``Microarray Experiments: Before and After the Fold Change Calculation''
Speaker: Ann Hess, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University
Place: KRAN G016; November 19, 2002; Tuesday, 4:30pm


This talk discusses a microarray experiment designed to investigate transcriptional regulation in yeast. The study compares the effect on gene expression of two different mutations in the yeast transcription factor, TATA Binding Protein (TBP). Statistical characterization of these two mutant strains provide insights into the functional role of TBP in the mechanism of transcription in vivo.

Our analysis of the TBP data began with fold change values. A natural concern in this study and others is the reliability of the fold change estimates. Several recent papers discuss repeatability, reproducibility and sources of variation in different stages of microarray experiments. This talk will discuss current work examining sources of variability while providing an overview of microarray experiments.