Title: ``Systems-level computational analysis of the genome, the transcriptome, and the proteome''
Speaker: Dr. Joel Bader, Director of Bioinformatics, CuraGen
Place: KRAN G016; November 12, 2002, Tuesday; 4:30pm


The wealth of data generated by genome-scale experiments has generated a demand for computational and theoretical methods that can explain and predict the behavior of cells and organisms. Biological processes are controlled in part by networks of interacting proteins, and recent experimental advances have provided access to large-scale protein-protein interaction data sets. I will describe computational methods for analyzing proteomic data, including probabilistic network models and statistical measures of clustering in small-world networks. I will also show how subnetworks responsible for specific biological processes may be automatically identified by combined analysis of proteomic data with other sources of information, including microarray data, genetic screens, and regulatory protein-DNA interactions. Finally, I will describe preliminary computational analysis of one of the first protein-protein interaction data sets for a multicellular organism, Drosophila melanogaster.