Title: ``Getting Started with your Genomics Database at the Purdue Genomics Database Facility''
Speaker: Dr. Lauren McIntyre (lmcintyre@purdue.edu)
Place: LAEB 2280; Tuesday, 4:30pm


The development of high capacity databases, coupled with the power of modern statistical methods, will make it possible to develop a comprehensive understanding of gene function, protein function and their complex interactions. As new technologies are developed, it will be critical to integrate the data derived from these approaches with existing public databases to obtain a more comprehensive view of the regulation of biological processes. These integrated databases will provide an invaluable resource for life scientists. The newly funded Genomics Database Facility (Purdue University faculty reinvestment program) will position Purdue as a leader in the field of agricultural genomics. This presentation will give an overview of how to become involved and how to begin your transition into the post-genomic era.