Title: ``Algorithms and Systems for High-Throughput Structural Biology''
Speaker: Chris Bailey-Kellogg (cbk@cs.purdue.edu)
Place: LAEB 2280; Tuesday, 4:30pm


In the post-genomic era, key problems in molecular biology center on the determination and exploitation of three-dimensional protein structure and function. For example, modern drug design techniques use protein structure to understand how a drug can bind to an enzyme and inhibit its function. Large-scale structural and functional genomics will require high-throughput experiments coupled with sophisticated computer algorithms for automated experiment planning and data analysis. This talk will introduce techniques I've been developing in two key areas: (1) data-directed computational protocols for high-throughput protein structure determination with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and (2) experiment planning and data interpretation algorithms for reducing mass degeneracy in mass spectrometry for protein complex binding mode identification. These techniques promise to aid the pursuit of deep structural and functional understanding of biopolymer interactions in systems of significant biochemical and pharmacological interest. I'll discuss the wealth of algorithmic and engineering challenges that arise in developing information technology for structural biology.