Education, Professional Honors and Societies

PhD, 1984, Indian Statistical Institute
Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Elected 1993
Member, IMS Council, 2014-2016
American Mathematical Society
Mathematical Association of America
Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Bernoulli Society for Probability and Statistics
Chairman, Scientific Committee, Midwest Statistical Colloquium, 2007-09
Member, IMS Council, 2008-09

Present Journal Editorships

Associate Editor, Annals of Statistics, 1998 - 2015
Chief Editor, Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2014 -
Co-Executive Editor, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2012 - 2015
Co-Editor, Springer Series on Selected Works in Probability and Statistics, 2009 - Present
Associate Editor, Statistics Surveys of the IMS and the Bernoulli Society, 2007- Present
Associate Editor, Metrika, 2009- Present

My Review of Sara van de Geer's Text

On Selecting an Optimal Transformation, with Larry Brown and Tony Cai

Basu's Theorem, Factorizations, and Infinite Divisibility

A Paper on Constrained Bayes with Jim Berger

Uniform Prior Bayes Procedures in Super High Dimensions, with Iain M. Johnstone

The First 218 Million Twin Primes (The First of the Pair; WARNING; THIS FILE IS 2.8 GIGABYTES; RIGHT CLICK ON LINK TO SAVE and DOWNLOAD)

My Collaboration Distances with Some Scientists

My Topics of Work and Coauthors at the Moment: Sparse signal recovery for count data (Tony Cai, Wenguang Sun, Tonglin Zhang); Scan statistics (Joe Glaz, Chris Robert); Weak convergence on compact abelian groups (Santosh Venkatesh); Dirichlet series.

Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory, Springer, 2013

Anirban DasGupta

Professor of Statistics
150 N. University Street
MATH 548
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2068

Phone: (765) 494-6033
Fax: (765) 494-0558

Latest Publications and Accepted Papers

Sharp fixed $n$ bounds on the mean and the median of a Gaussian sample maximum and applications to the Donoho-Jin model (2014)

Asymptotic Risk and Bayes Risk of Thresholding Estimates and Optimal Thresholding (2013)

Moment problems for powers and products of random variables (2014)

Abstracts of Papers Not Submitted Yet

Analyzing a spike in a random sequence (2014)

On the l_p and l_infinity norms of a randomly picked point in a very high dimension (2013)

Columns in IMS Bulletin: Anirban's Angle

215 Influential Publications in Statistics

Nature and Man, Bimodal, At Their Best?

Randomization, Bootstrap, and Sherlock Holmes

Top Inequalities for a PhD Student

Understanding Citation Indices

Right or Wrong, Our Confidence Intervals

Mendeleef, Bode, and Precognition

Learning from a Student

Berkeley and Indian Statistics

A New Core?

Reading the Classics

Books and Lecture Notes

Statistical Theory: A Comprehensive Course, Volume One, In Reviews, Forthcoming
Table of Contents of Probability for Statistics and Machine Learning (Springer; Published May, 2011)
Fundamentals of Probability: A First Course
Asymptotic Theory of Statistics and Probability, Springer Verlag, New York
A Sourcebook on Probability
Lecture Notes on Mathematical Statistics
Lecture Notes on Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes

Areas of Present Interest

Asymptotic theory and expansions, Decision theory for thresholding, Extremes, Theory of Bayes, Sample size choice, Transformations, Inequalities.

Teaching Recognitions

Elected one of the 10 Best Teachers in the School of Science; 1987-88; 1997-98

Past Editorial Work

Editor, Lecture Notes and Monograph Series, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2008-2009
Editor, Institute of Mathematical Statistics Collections and Volumes Series, 2008-2009
Associate Editor, Journal of American Statistical Association, 1996- 1999
Associate Editor, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 1996- 2003
Associate Editor, International Statistical Review, 1995-1997
Associate Editor, Sankhya, 1997-2005

Volume Editorships

Editor, Selected Works of D. Basu, Springer
Editor, The Herman Rubin Festschrift, Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Editor, Basu Memorial Issue of Sankhya, Parts I and II

Courses Taught

Statistics for Technology, Statistical Methods, Applied Linear Regression, Experimental statistics, Applied multivariate analysis, Time series, Probability theory, Probability for management, Statistical inference, Mathematical statistics, Decision theory and Bayesian analysis, Advanced estimation, Advanced testing, Bootstrap, Asymptotic theory, Nonparametric statistics, Inference for Stochastic processes, Spline smoothing, Tools of simulation, Calculus, Advanced calculus, Linear Algebra.

My Coauthors

Larry Brown, Herman Rubin, Larry Shepp, Bill Studden, Iain Johnstone, Jim Berger, Tony Cai, Dimitris Politis, George Casella, Bill Strawderman, J.K. Ghosh, Jim Zidek, S.N. Lahiri, Jordan Stoyanov, Len Haff, John Marden, Gene Hwang, Brani Vidakovic, Arup Bose, G.D. Lin, Sanjib Basu, Christian Genest, Bimal Sinha, Alan Gelfand, Dipak Dey, Hyun-Sook Oh, Mei-mei Zen, S. Mukherjee, Wen-Chi Tsai, M. Delampady, John Peterson, Suzanne Lorenz, Laura Cayon, Weizhen Wang, Chuanbo Zhang, Tonglin Zhang